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What in God's Name Are You Eating?
What in God's Name Are You Eating? (PB)
By Andrew Francis
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State of Affairs
State of Affairs (PB)
By Richard J. Coleman

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Renewal of the Heart is the Mission of the Church, The

Renewal of the Heart is the Mission of the Church, The

Wesley's Heart Religion in the Twenty-First Century

By Gregory S. Clapper

An insightful examination of John Wesley's conception of the heart and its affections, and its significance in the life of the Church today.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892470)
Resourceful Self, The

Resourceful Self, The

And a Child Shall Lead Them

By Donald Capps

A study inspired by the theories of developmental psychologist Erik Erikson, exploring how the emotional and spiritual resources of childhood offer insight into Jesus's injunction to become like children.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893903)
New Title 16.50
Restorative Christ

Restorative Christ

Jesus, Justice, and Discipleship

By Geoff Broughton

Combining biblical scholarship, theological insight and the wisdom of practical experience, this book examines the modern significance of the radical call to restorative justice embodied in the life and death of Jesus.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893798)
Forthcoming Title 20.00
Resurrection of Oscar Wilde, The

Resurrection of Oscar Wilde, The

A Cultural Afterlife

By Julia Wood

A fascinating examination of the modern cultural legacy of Oscar Wilde, focusing on his posthumous role as a symbol and source of inspiration.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830717)
Rethinking Hell

Rethinking Hell

Readings in Evangelical Conditionalism

By Christopher M. Date, Gregory G. Stump and Joshua W. Anderson (editors)

A collection of evangelical writings that seek to challenge the traditionalist doctrine of hell, supporting instead the increasingly influential conditionalist view that the unsaved will face not eternal torment but annihilation.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893705)
New Title 25.00
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718843236)
New Title 21.50 + VAT
Returning to Reality

Returning to Reality

Christian Platonism for our Times

By Paul Tyson

An exercise in theological metaphysics that critiques the assumptions underlying much of modern society and seeks to restore Christian Platonism to its former centrality to the Christian understanding of the world.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893859)
New Title 17.50
Returning to Reality

Returning to Reality

Thomas Merton's Wisdom for a Technological Age

By Phillip M. Thompson

An insightful critique of the often unthinking technophilia that pervades our culture, as viewed through the lens of the spiritual writings of Thomas Merton.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892951)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718841515)
11.50 + VAT


A New Covenant Commentary

By Gordon D. Fee

A revealing and accessible commentary on the Book of Revelation, guiding the reader through one of the most often misunderstood books of the New Testament.

Series: New Covenant Commentary
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892807)
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718843359)
New Title 18.00 + VAT
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718841720)
24.00 + VAT


Critical Methods of Seeing Christianity in the History of Art

By James Romaine and Linda Stratford (editors)

A collection of essays exploring how the methodologies of the history of art have been used to understand and address the Christian content of artistic works, from early iconography to the work of postwar modernists.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893361)
New Title 35.00
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718842215)
New Title 31.50 + VAT
Richard Aldington

Richard Aldington

Poet, Soldier, Lover 19111929

By Vivien Whelpton

A new and insightful biography of the war poet and novelist Richard Aldington, exploring his pre-war, wartime and post-war experiences, writings and relationships.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893187)
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718841614)
19.88 + VAT
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718841591)
26.50 + VAT
Richard and Maria Cosway

Richard and Maria Cosway

By Gerald Barnett

A biography of the Cosways, two fascinating but often neglected figures in the artistic history of England. This carefully researched study emphasises their achievements as artists and their stature in late 18th century society.
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780718829445)


A Life

By Wolfgang Leppmann

Rich in detail and insight, this is the authoritative biography of the great 20th century German poet Rainer Maria Rilke.
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780718826208)
Ritual and Drama

Ritual and Drama

The Medieval Theatre

By Francis Edwards

A masterly exposition of the development of medieval drama from its liturgical origins, with particular emphasis on the audience impact of the performance. Illustrated by George Tuckwell.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718821807)
Displaying 21 to 40 (of 54 titles) Result Pages: « Prev   1  2  3  Next » 
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