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The Biblical Cosmos
The Biblical Cosmos (PDF)
By Robin A. Parry
£13.00 + VAT
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Christian Warfare in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe
Christian Warfare in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe (PB)
By Norman H. Murdoch

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Waiting Father, The

Waiting Father, The

Sermons on the Parables of Jesus

By Helmut Thielicke

A collection of sermons by the German theologian and preacher, illuminating the meaning of the parables and giving them a new relevance for today.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893668)
New Title £19.50
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718843090)
New Title £12.00 + VAT
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718843083)
New Title £16.00 + VAT


One Man's Environmental Crusade

By Pete Wilkinson and Julia Schofield

A fascinating insight into the organisation of the Green movement from its infancy in the 1970s up to the present day. Pete Wilkinson was the Director of Greenpeace in its heyday and leader of its Atlantic expeditions.
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780718829100)
Watching for the Morning

Watching for the Morning

Global Chaos and Cosmic Hope

By Philip Blair

Aimed at the general reader, this is an essential guide to the new Millennium, a scriptural presentation of Christian hope against the background of social disintegration and religious fanaticism which prevails throughout so much of today's world.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830007)
We Etruscans

We Etruscans

Old and New in a Forgotten Landscape

By Anna Rist

A fascinating personal account of rural Tuscany over the past 30 years, providing wealth of information on the art, history, politics and religion of the region.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830533)
What in God's Name Are You Eating?

What in God's Name Are You Eating?

How Can Christians Live and Eat Responsibly in Today's Global Village?

By Andrew Francis

A timely and wide-ranging exploration of the appropriate Christian response to the issues of food and diet in today's world, from health and the environment to animal rights and economic justice.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893811)
New Title £17.50
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718843465)
New Title £14.00 + VAT
What is God Like?

What is God Like?

By Marie-Agnès Gaudrat

Marie-Agnès Gaudrat's picture books are now brought together in a new format. A simple and appealingly illustrated introduction to Christian ideals, explaining the role of God in the life of a child. Illustrated by Ulises Wensell.

Series: What is God Like?
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780718829735)
What on Earth?

What on Earth?

The Church in the World and the Call of Christ

By Philip Blair

Written with erudition and simplicity, this is a review of the Church's history of involvement in secular life, and an exploration of the its true nature and role.
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780718828639)
Whatever Happened to Religious Education?

Whatever Happened to Religious Education?

By Penny Thompson

An original and timely analysis of how and why the committed teaching of the Christian faith has been eroded since the 1960s, and of what can be done to improve the current state of affairs.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830397)
When the Eternal Can Be Met

When the Eternal Can Be Met

The Bergsonian Theology of Time in the Works of C.S. Lewis, T.S. Eliot and W.H. Auden

By Corey Latta

A revealing study of the influence of the French philosopher Henri Bergson's theory of time on the works of three of the great Christian writers of the 20th century.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893606)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718842727)
£19.00 + VAT
Where is God When Bad Things Happen?

Where is God When Bad Things Happen?

Finding Solace in Times of Trouble

By Luis Palau

The international evangelist examines the most difficult questions that arise as a result of the human condition, and sends a powerful message of hope to all those who are uncertain or confused by the paradoxes in life and faith.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718829964)
Whispers from a Wardrobe

Whispers from a Wardrobe

By Richard Edwards

A second collection of delightful and witty poems from a modern master of light verse.
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780718826833)
White Queen

White Queen

The Story of Mary Slessor

By Donald McFarlan

A short, straightforward biography of Mary Slessor, the Dundee mill-girl who became a missionary to Africa, and the first woman magistrate in the British Empire. For 9–13 year olds.

Series: Stories of Faith and Fame
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718825607)
Whoever You Are

Whoever You Are

By J.J. Overell

Twelve short stories for children about everyday life which provide both dramatic interest and food for thought. Illustrated by Robin Lawrie.

Series: Overell Books
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830083)
Why Resurrection?

Why Resurrection?

An Introduction to the Belief in the Afterlife in Judaism and Christianity

By Carlos Blanco

A theological and philosophical study of how Judaeo-Christian concepts of the resurrection of the dead developed as an eschatological response to the problem of evil.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892524)
Windsor Ablaze!

Windsor Ablaze!

The Windsor Castle Fire and Restoration, Ten Years On

By Alexandra M. Brown and Charles Chapman

The story of the fire and subsequent restoration of Windsor Castle and its consequences for today's monarchy, with fascinating descriptions of the Castle and the restoration process.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830823)
Wings of the Morning

Wings of the Morning

By Frank Topping

Verses from the Psalms, the Gospel of St. John and St. Paul's Letter to the Romans are the inspiration for this latest collection of reflections and prayers. Illustrated by Cetra Long.

Series: Frank Topping Series
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718826758)
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 36 titles) Result Pages:  1  2  Next » 
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Preaching and the Personal
Preaching and the Personal (PB)
By J. Dwayne Howell (editor)
£17.50 £15.75
01.Of Seas and Ships and Scientists (PB) by Anthony Laughton, John Gould, 'Tom' Tucker and Howard Roe (editors)
02.Extramural (PB) by Adrian Barlow
03.The Atheist's Creed (PB) by Michael Palmer
04.Vesta Boxes (PB) by Roger Fresco-Corbu
05.Canadian Churches and the First World War (PB) by Gordon L. Heath (editor)
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