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Healing the Ravaged Soul
Healing the Ravaged Soul (PB)
By Sue Magrath

Titles (S)

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Say It Again, Sam

Say It Again, Sam

A Literary and Filmic Study of Narrative Repetition in 1 Samuel 28

By Grenville J.R. Kent

A novel analysis of 1 Samuel 28:3–25, showing how film theory can bring insight and clarity to our understanding of the structure and significance of biblical narrative.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892715)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840686)
£17.00 + VAT
Scarlet Woman and the Red Hand, The

Scarlet Woman and the Red Hand, The

Evangelical Apocalyptic Belief in the Northern Ireland Troubles

By Joshua T. Searle

An important study of how apocalyptic eschatology shaped the responses of Northern Irish evangelicals to the Troubles, and the light that this sheds on the role of fundamentalism in contemporary global conflicts.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893729)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718843250)
£16.50 + VAT
Sense and Spirituality

Sense and Spirituality

The Arts and Spiritual Formation

By James McCullough

An exploration of the arts as a catalyst to spiritual growth, developing a theology of aesthetics that stresses the mutually enhancing dynamic between artistic appreciation and spirituality.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718894177)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718844431)
£12.00 + VAT
Setting the Captives Free

Setting the Captives Free

The Bible and Human Trafficking

By Marion L.S. Carson

Setting theology in the service of human rights, this book examines the complex attitudes towards slavery and prostitution found in the bible and highlights the lessons for modern campaigners against human trafficking. Illustrated by Ian Smith.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718894382)
New Title £15.00
Shining Sands, The

Shining Sands, The

Artists in Newlyn and St Ives 1880–1930

By Tom Cross

The remarkable story of the colony of artists whose bold, vibrant style was inspired by the landscape and people of West Cornwall, and who gave rise to one of the most significant art movements of modern times.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718894511)
New Title £30.00
Short History of Western Philosophy, A

Short History of Western Philosophy, A

By Johannes Hirschberger and Clare Hay (editor)

A new and expanded edition of the classic introduction to the development of Western Philosophy, from the Ancient Greeks to the 20th Century.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830922)
Signature of All Things, The

Signature of All Things, The

By Jacob Boehme

The cosmology of Jacob Boehme, 'The Cobbler of Görlitz', one of the great mystics of the Reformation era, who influenced such diverse figures as the Cambridge Platonists and the Quaker George Fox.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893446)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718842451)
£16.50 + VAT
Simone Weil

Simone Weil

Mystic of Passion and Compassion

By Maria Clara Bingemer and Karen M. Kraft (translator)

A reflection on the life and thought of the French philosopher and mystical thinker Simone Weil, exploring her spiritual convictions from a Christian theological perspective.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718894269)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718844523)
£11.50 + VAT
Small Communities in Religious Life

Small Communities in Religious Life

Making Them Work

By Catherine Widdicombe

Written from experience, this self-help manual gives practical, accessible advice for those involved in the running of small religious communities.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830120)
Song of Roland Smith, The

Song of Roland Smith, The

By Jenny Koralek

Judd and Roly borrow a puppy from a pet shop, but disaster strikes and they manage to lose it. But this event also leads to their meeting with Percy, a blind girl whose bravery enables them to see their own problems in perspective. Illustrated by Peter Rush.
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780744400151)
Spirit of Prayer and the Spirit of Love, The

Spirit of Prayer and the Spirit of Love, The

By William Law

The mature expression of the theology and religion of the 18th century spiritual thinker.
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780718891367)
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718891350)
Spiritual Guide, The

Spiritual Guide, The

By Miguel de Molinos and Trevor Boiling (editor)

A new translation of the classic text of Quietism, which still offers great insight and advice for spiritual prayer today.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830540)
Spontaneous Expansion of the Church, The

Spontaneous Expansion of the Church, The

and the Causes Which Hinder it

By Roland Allen

Although first published in 1927, this challenging study still dares today's reader to re-assess common and erroneous assumptions about the relation between churches and missions.

Series: Roland Allen Library
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718891718)
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840068)
£10.13 + VAT
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 53 titles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  Next » 
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A Century of Art and Design Education
A Century of Art and Design Education (PB)
By Stuart MacDonald
£27.00 £24.30
01.The Angel Roofs of East Anglia (PB) by Michael Rimmer
02.Swallows, Amazons and Coots (PB) by Julian Lovelock
03.First Prayers (Std, HB) by Tasha Tudor
04.Of Seas and Ships and Scientists (PB) by Anthony Laughton, John Gould, 'Tom' Tucker and Howard Roe (editors)
05.The History and Philosophy of Art Education (PB) by Stuart MacDonald
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