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The Operation of Grace
The Operation of Grace (PB)
By Gregory Wolfe
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Recognizing Other Subjects
Recognizing Other Subjects (PB)
By Katharine E. Lassiter

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Book of Womanhood, The

The Book of Womanhood

By Abdallah, Amy F. Davis

An exploration of female identity within the Christian faith, tracing a path to self-discovery and empowerment through the diverse experiences of Christian womanhood.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718894245)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718844509)
£12.50 + VAT
Importing Faith

Importing Faith

The Effect of American 'Word of Faith' Culture on Contemporary English Evangelical Revivalism

By Ackerley, Glyn J.

A critical assessment of the influence of the American 'Health, Wealth and Prosperity' religious movement on contemporary British evangelical and charismatic churches.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718894252)
New Title £24.00
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718844516)
New Title £20.50 + VAT
Pope Francis

Pope Francis

His Life and Thought

By Aguilar, Mario I.

A revealing and insightful biography of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, exploring the life and the experiences that shaped his theological outlook prior to his election to the papacy in 2013.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893422)
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718842338)
£10.88 + VAT
Kindle eBook
(ISBN: 9780718842321)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718842314)
£14.50 + VAT
Non-Muslims in Muslim Majority Societies

Non-Muslims in Muslim Majority Societies

With Focus on the Middle East and Pakistan

By Ahlstand, Kajsa and Gunner, Göran (editors)

A collection of essays that seek to identify and discuss the issues raised by the situation of religious minorities in the Muslim world.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892449)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718843014)
£15.50 + VAT
Missionary Methods

Missionary Methods

St Paul's or Ours?

By Allen, Roland

First published in 1912, this authoritative work comparing 20th Century missionary methods with those of St Paul, remains highly relevant to present day missionary work.

Series: Roland Allen Library
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718891688)
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840259)
£10.13 + VAT
Kindle eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840174)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840105)
£13.50 + VAT
Missionary Principles

Missionary Principles

and Practice

By Allen, Roland

A classic critique of conventional missionary principles that remains highly relevant for all those involved, or who wish to become involved, in modern-day missionary work.

Series: Roland Allen Library
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718891701)
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840044)
£10.13 + VAT
Kindle eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840181)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840112)
£13.50 + VAT
Spontaneous Expansion of the Church, The

The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church

and the Causes Which Hinder it

By Allen, Roland

Although first published in 1927, this challenging study still dares today's reader to re-assess common and erroneous assumptions about the relation between churches and missions.

Series: Roland Allen Library
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718891718)
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840068)
£10.13 + VAT
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 44 titles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  Next » 
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