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Illusions of Freedom
Illusions of Freedom (PDF)
By Jeffrey M. Shaw
16.50 + VAT
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Reading Scripture with the Saints
Reading Scripture with the Saints (PB)
By Clifton C. Black

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Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land

Zionism and the Quest for Justice in the Holy Land

By Wagner, Donald E. and Davis, Walter T. (editors)

A challenging and diverse series of essays that offer a critique of political Zionism and the theological positions that support it, emphasising the need for a just and inclusive settlement in the Middle East.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893651)
New Title 25.00
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718842772)
New Title 21.50 + VAT
Hostage Bound, Hostage Free

Hostage Bound, Hostage Free

By Weir, Ben, Weir, Carol and Benson, Dennis

The true account of Presbyterian minister Ben Weir's sixteen months spent in Lebanon as a hostage of Islamic Jihad, and of his wife's attempts to hasten his release.
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780718826901)
Basic Forms of Prophetic Speech

Basic Forms of Prophetic Speech

By Westermann, Claus

In this important and scholarly work, the author applies the form-criticism method to the Old Testament. Concentrating on the concept of judgement in Old Testament prophecy, he reveals how conceptions of prophecy have radically changed over time.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718828424)
Thinking About Rural Development

Thinking About Rural Development

By Whitlock, Ralph

An investigation of the underlying issues in rural development in the world today, for pupils aged 16+.

Series: Thinking About Issues
Print Hardback
(ISBN: 9780718822996)
Small Communities in Religious Life

Small Communities in Religious Life

Making Them Work

By Widdicombe, Catherine

Written from experience, this self-help manual gives practical, accessible advice for those involved in the running of small religious communities.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718830120)
Talking the Talk

Talking the Talk

The Fall of King David for Today

By Wilcox, Pete

A highly accessible and theologically astute exposition of the story of the reign of King David, emphasising the themes of power and repentance.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892340)
Church of England and the First World War, The

The Church of England and the First World War

By Wilkinson, Alan

Newly reprinted, this classic work of social history explores the complex and multifacted role played by the Church of England in British society during World War One.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893217)
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718841652)
14.25 + VAT
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718841645)
19.00 + VAT
Dissent or Conform?

Dissent or Conform?

War, Peace and the English Churches 19001945

By Wilkinson, Alan

A study of how the English churches approached the problems of dissent, conformity and pacifism during the period of the two world wars.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892074)
Great Tradition  A Great Labour, The

The Great Tradition A Great Labour

Studies in Ancient-Future Faith

By Williams, D.H. and Harrold, Philip (editors)

A selection of essays exploring the challenge for the modern churches, especially those within the Anglican tradition, of living authentically within the historic legacy of Christianity.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892678)
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840709)
10.25 + VAT
He Has Shown You What is Good

He Has Shown You What is Good

Old Testament Justice

By Williamson, H.G.M.

A thoughtful and highly relevant examination of biblical ethics, showing how the Old Testament still has much to teach us in our contemporary pursuit of social justice.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892982)
Book of the Month 12.96 (was 15.25)
Offer ends 28 Feb 2015
ePub eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840433)
Book of the Month 8.81 + VAT
PDF eBook
(ISBN: 9780718840419)
Book of the Month 11.75 + VAT
Living Faithfully in a Fragmented World

Living Faithfully in a Fragmented World

From 'After Virtue' to a New Monasticism (2nd Edition)

By Wilson, Jonathan R.

A revised edition of the book that helped shape the new monastic movement, placing the new monasticism in a context critical of both modernity and postmodernity, and emphasing a community-centred virtue ethics against Neitzschean individualism.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718892418)
John's Wisdom

John's Wisdom

A Commentary on the Fourth Gospel

By Witherington III, Ben

A comprehensive and discursive study of the Gospel of John. The author places it within its proper literary, historical, social and theological contexts, and emphasises the connections with the wisdom traditions of Hellenistic Judaism.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718829452)
Peace is the Way

Peace is the Way

A Guide to Pacifist Views and Actions

By Wright, Cyril and Augarde, Tony (editors)

A collection of essays which explore the nature of pacifism, covering a wide range of topical issues from a pacifist perspective, and including profiles of influential peacemakers such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Vera Brittain.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718828219)
Logic of the Spirit in Human Thought and Experience, The

The Logic of the Spirit in Human Thought and Experience

Exploring the Vision of James E. Loder Jr

By Wright, Dana R. and White, Keith J. (editors)

A collection of essays bringing together in fruitful dialogue the Child Theology Movement and the Spirit-centred theology of the American theologian James E. Loder.
Print Paperback
(ISBN: 9780718893781)
Forthcoming Title 27.50
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 20 titles) Result Pages:  1 
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He Has Shown You What is Good
He Has Shown You What is Good (PB)
By H.G.M. Williamson
15.25 12.96
01.The Atheist's Creed (PB) by Michael Palmer
02.Voice of Nonconformity (PB) by Keith A. Ives
03.Anglo-Catholic in Religion (PB) by Barry Spurr
04.Atheism for Beginners (PB) by Michael Palmer
05.Canadian Churches and the First World War (PB) by Gordon L. Heath (editor)
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