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One Man's Environmental Crusade

By Pete Wilkinson and Julia Schofield



One Man's Environmental Crusade

By Pete Wilkinson and Julia Schofield

A fascinating insight into the organisation of the Green movement from its infancy in the 1970s up to the present day. Pete Wilkinson was the Director of Greenpeace in its heyday and leader of its Atlantic expeditions.

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Pete Wilkinson, one time Director of Greenpeace UK and leading environmental campaigner, is the Warrior of the title. He largely created the crusade that brought Green issues to the minds of the nation – and the world – through a series of imaginative demonstrations and direct actions with Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

This book is a personalised history of the development of environmental activism, but it does not confine itself to the glorification of the achievements of the major forces within the Green Lobby. The dramatic action of those early campaigns is here, but so is a revealing warts-and-all inside look at Greenpeace – its origins, its early history and current dilemmas. This is compulsive reading, exposing the politics and power-struggles within the environmental movement, and cutting through the red tape and bureaucracy that beset the Green movement today.

The author brings to life the eye-catching campaigns that characterised the early days of Greenpeace: dressing up as giant plastic bottles; climbing the tower of Big Ben; dumping radioactive mud outside the Department of the Environment. All these stories are conveyed with humour and incisive (sometimes biting) wit.

In powerful prose, the author carries us over the oceans to Antarctica, to marvel at this most beautiful and little-known continent – a region which has become a veritable dump for the rubbish left by explorers and generated by the permanent bases there. The drama and excitement of the battles between Greenpeace vessels and Japanese whaling ships is conveyed here, in a way that makes Warrior as involving as it is informative.

Warrior is essentially a personal account of a life spent within a movement which represents the outstanding preoccupation – and perhaps the most important impulse for survival – of our era.

Prologue: Rainbow Warrior

1. From FoE to Friends
2. Box Office Attraction
3. Instant Experts
4. Tightening the Screw
5. Rustbucket
6. Bombshell
7. Rubbish Without a Bin
8. Sir John Intervenes
9. Outmanouevred
10. Wilkinson's Erection
11. Bottom of the World
12. Nightmare Voyage
13. Doing it Properly
14. At Sea Again
15. DuDu
16. Biscuits
17. McMurdo
18. Behaving Badly
19. Where's the Action Section?
20. Olive Branch


Pete Wilkinson is a leading figure in the environmental world. He joined Friends of the Earth in 1971, and later moved to Greenpeace, where he became Chairman of Greenpeace UK and a Director of Greenpeace International. He has been at the forefront of many of the most newsworthy of the Greenpeace campaigns. He is now a partner in WBMG Environmental Communications, which he formed with three colleagues from the Green movement.

Julia Schofield is a writer and playwright, whose work has been performed on stage, radio and television. She had gained her own campaigning experience with over five years working for the benefit of the National Health Service.

This is the story of one of the great environmental campaigners. Not only does it provide an insight into the development of Greenpeace ... but it is also a good adventure book! The book is entertaining and clearly written, with some stunning photographs of the Antarctic landscape. HABITAT, The Environmental Council
Pete Wilkinson ... was (and still is) a formidable campaigner, and his book distils the essence and excitement of a campaigner's life without once giving way to false glamorisation. Read the book and you get the man. Country Living