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A Handbook of Christian Theologians

By Martin E. Marty and Dean G. Peerman

A Handbook of Christian Theologians

A Handbook of Christian Theologians

By Martin E. Marty and Dean G. Peerman

A substantial handbook offering coherent and concise portraits of the major theologians of the past 200 years.

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This volume presents the lives and thoughts of great religious thinkers from Friedrich Schleiermacher and Søren Kierkegaard through William Temple and Emil Brunner to Helmut Thielicke and Hans Kung. The list of authors also reads like a theological Who's Who: Richard Niebuhr, Robert McAfee Brown, John MacQuarrie, Daniel Jenkins, George Caird, Geoffrey Bromily, and others.

A must for students and anyone interested in the evolution of contemporary Christian thought.

Introduction to the Enlarged Edition

I. The Nineteenth-century Traditions
Friedrich Schleiermacher / Richard R. Niebuhr
Horace Bushnell / Sydney E. Ahlstrom
Albrecht Ritschl / A. Durwood Foster
Frederick Denison Maurice / William John Wolf
Adolf von Harnack / Wilhelm Pauck
Albert Schweitzer / Fritz Buri
Søren Kierkegaard / Martin J. Heinecken
P.T. Forsyth / Robert McAfee Brown

II. Between the Times
Rodolf Otto / Bernard E. Meland
Walter Rauschenbusch / Robert T. Handy
D.C. Macintosh / Herbert R. Reinelt
William Temple / Joseph Fletcher
Nicolai Berdyaev / Matthew Spinka
Karl Heim / Carl Michalson

III. Mid-century Classics
Anders Nygren / Warren A. Quanbeck
Gustav Aulén / Gustaf Wingren
C.H. Dodd / George B. Caird
Oscar Cullmann / S.C. Guthrie, Jr.
Reinhold Niebuhr / Hans Hofmann
H. Richard Niebuhr / Clyde A. Holbrook
Karl Barth / Daniel Jenkins
Emil Brunner / J. Robert Nelson
Friedrich Gogarten / Theodore Runyon, Jr.
Rudolf Bultmann / John Macquarrie
Dietrich Bonhoeffer / Franklin Sherman
Paul Tillich / Walter Leibrecht

IV. Recent Theological Work
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin / Christopher F. Mooney, S.J.
Karl Rahner / Anne E. Carr
Helmut Thielicke / Geoffrey Bromley
Jacques Ellul / Douglas Sturm
Carl F.H. Henry / Gabriel Fackre
Paul Ricoeur / Mary Gerhart
Edward Schillebeeckx / Robert J. Schreiter C.Pp.S.
Wolfhart Pannenberg / Carl E. Braaten
Jürgen Moltmann / Christopher Morse
David Tracy / Matthew L. Lamb
John B. Cobb, Jr. / David Ray Griffin
Hans Küng / Leonard Swidler

Notes on Contributors

Martin E. Marty is an associate editor of The Christian Century and is the Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor of Modern Christianity at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

Dean G. Peerman is executive editor of The Christian Century.