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A Century of Moral Philosophy

By W.D. Hudson

A Century of Moral Philosophy

A Century of Moral Philosophy

By W.D. Hudson

A skilfully guided journey through the labyrinths of ethics and moral philosophy over the course of the 20th century.

Series: Century of …
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Part of the Century series – each book reviews and summarises the key developments in a particular branch of religious studies during the past century.

This book is about something we all do. It is about making moral judgements. How do we know what is right? And what is the connection between making moral judgements and what people do?

In a clear and compelling fashion, Dr. Hudson describes how moral philosophers for the last hundred years have been wrestling with these issues, often coming back to the place where they started, but always trying to define the questions more clearly "in the hope that they will eventually answer themselves". Besides guiding us skilfully through the labyrinths of modern scholarship he also presents the issues in such a way as to help us to think through the problems again for ourselves.


1. Two conflicting schools of thought
2. An attempt at reconciliation
3. Two proposed foundations for ethics
4. Can ethics stand alone?
5. The Emotive Theory
6. A rationalist kind of non-descriptivism
7. Has ethics a restricted content?
8. Two schools of thought still conflicting


W.D. Hudson is Reader in Moral Philosophy at the University of Exeter. His previous books include Ethical Intuitionism, Modern Moral Philosophy, and Wittgenstein and Religious Belief, and he is the editor of New Studies in Ethics and The Is / Ought Question.