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End Games in Chess, by Theo Schuster

End Games in Chess

The Essential Techniques for Winning

By Theo Schuster


The essential techniques for winning at chess, focusing on a variety of end-game strategies. Includes examples drawn from games of chess masters in numerous championships.

Available as: Paperback

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About this Book

A knowledge of end-game theory enables players to go out and win games which they might otherwise lose or draw. During the long history of chess various strategies have been developed which can create a positive turning point in a game, very often depending on a single move. The problem for any beginner, or even more experienced player, is to identify the situation immediately it arises and to know the correct response.

Such techniques as mastering the rule of the outside passed pawn in queen-making, an understanding of the magical concept of zugzwang, the skewer move and bridge-building, can all play a vital role in the end game. In this book the problems have been dealt with in such a way that reader will enjoy learning about them. Examples have been drawn from games of chess masters in numerous championships.


Explanation of Symbols and Notation

1. Basic End Game Theory
2. The Principle of the Opposition
3. Strategies for Queening
4. The Distant Opposition
5. The Rule of the Square
6. The Outside Passed Pawn
7. The Confinement at the Side
8. The Use of Triagulation
9. The Pawn Breakthrough
10. Queen Against Pawn on the 7th Rank
11. Rook Endings
12. How Does One Plan Rook Endings?
13. Can Three Pawns Win Against Two?
14. Routes to Checkmate Which One Ought to Know
15. Queen Against Rook
16. Checkmate With Knight and Bishop
17. Checkmate with Rook and Bishop Against Rook
18. Rook and Knight Against Rook: A Draw
19. Qualitative Imbalance
20. How Many Queens Are Allowed?
21. The "Wrong" Bishop
22. Pawn Majority in the End Game
23. The Power of the Passed Pawn
24. Queen Endings

About the Author

Theo Schuster, a well-known author of books on chess, is himself a former chess master and has represented Germany in many international tournaments. He also broadcasts and contributes newspapers articles on the subject.

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