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Robots and Robotology, by R.H. Warring

Robots and Robotology

By R.H. Warring


A history of robots, from the earliest clockwork automata to modern 'intelligent' machines, with lucid accounts of how they operate. Written for the non-technical reader.

Available as: Hardback

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About this Book

This book covers robots that resemble human figures (humanoids and their various subtypes and 'metal collar workers' or industrial robots. Because of their ability to replace manual workers on the production line, it is the industrial robots which are the far more significant type, although the humanoids have more popular appeal.

Animated figures capable of performing varied tasks unaided have been known for centuries and were particularly popular in Victorian times. Usually driven by clockwork, they are collectively known as automata. Today the clockwork mechanisms have been replaced by electric motors, and the mechanical controls by electronic 'brains'. The result may be something close to a true robot which may walk, talk, 'see', or even shake hands!

On the other hand the industrial robot, which accounts for over ninety per cent of today's robot population, usually operates from a fixed position on the factory floor. The 'body' of the machine may do no more than support a mechanical arm capable of precise, powerful, and quite sophisticated movements. The programme 'taught' by its human operators will be carried out faultlessly for as long as required. More impressive are the second generation of robots the first of which are now appearing with built-in 'intelligence'. These are the ' thinking' robots which can carry on where their human teachers left off.

The author carefully charts a fascinating course through the history of robots and provides full details of how they work with the help of numerous diagrams and photographs.


The Batelle Micromouse

1. Defining Robots
2. Popular Robots
3. Industrial Robots
4. Robot Systems
5. Robot 'Muscle Power'
6. Making Robots Walk
7. Power versus Weight
8. Robot Senses
9. Sensors
10. The Robot Brain
11. Electro-Mechanical Brains
12. Industrial Robots at Work


About the Author

R.H. Warring is one of the best-known writers in the field of practical radio and electronics, and is renowned for writing technical books that can readily be understood by the layman.

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