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Lost People of Malplaquet

By Andrew Dalton

Lost People of Malplaquet

Lost People of Malplaquet

By Andrew Dalton

In this inventive and enchanting sequel to The Temples of Malplaquet, the mysteries surrounding the Lilliputians grow deeper, and Jamie faces new challenges in protecting his diminutive friends. Illustrated by Jonny Boatfield.

Series: Malplaquet Trilogy
Trade Information: LGEN
Available as: Paperback

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Follow Jamie in Lost People of Malplaquet, the second volume in a trilogy drawing inspiration from Gulliver's Travels and T.H. White's Mistress Masham's Repose, and from the beauty and magic of the eighteenth-century Landscape Gardens at Stowe.

In this second book, the mystery deepens and darkens as we learn more about the Lilliputians in the strange gardens at Malplaquet. Their enemy Biddle takes over a nearby manor house, and his son starts at the school – in the same class as Jamie. Nigriff helps Jamie and Granny to discover more of the garden's secrets, especially its links with Lilliput itself, and Vicky doesn't trust one of her Volunteer team. The tiny people try to 'gain the capital,' as the Prophecy states, General Thorclan is as commanding as ever, and Yenech finds a new female friend ...

But the dangers are increasing: Jamie's brother, Charlie, is spending far too much time with young John Biddle, and Biddle himself is organising a huge Napoleonic Battle at Malplaquet as a threat to the little people. But he hasn't reckoned on the statues getting involved ...

Beautifully illustrated by Jonny Boatfield, this is the long-awaited sequel to the already famous Temples of Malplaquet. Educational as well as hugely entertaining, it raises important ethical issues for older children.

1. First Moves
2. New Tasks
3. Ties of Friendship
4. Origins and Beginnings
5. Gaining the Capital
6. New Faces
7. Uncovering The Past
8. Looking for an Answer
9. Families, Posts, and Statues
10. Lift-Off
11. The Decoy
12. Goodwill to all Men
13. The Art of Survival
14. Visions of the Past and Future
15. Hawkwell Field
16. Hopes and Fears

Andrew Dalton has had a life-long fascination with eccentric architecture, from grottoes to ruins, as well as the history of gardens and landscape. He first experienced Stowe gardens as a child and has spent many years discovering more about them. He is currently delighted to be teaching Religious Studies at Shrewsbury School.

Jonny Boatfield has created much of the artwork used by the National Trust at Stowe.

The Lost People of Malplaquet has the same entertaining satire as The Temples of Malplaquet', with perhaps a bit more of an edge. The climax is a laugh-out-loud riot with more than a touch of Monty Python. There will be no stopping until we read the final book. Joy Calderwood,
This charming fantasy story for 8–14 years-olds concerns the adventures of a teenager Jamie who discovers curious little people living in the gardens. Full of mystery and intrigue the story has been described as 'quirky, fun and surreal'. The illustrator is J. Boatfield, whose delightful drawings feature in both books. The Vibe
The Malplaquet books, written by Andrew Dalton, are a return to the glorious children's books ... Evocatively written, wittily plotted, there is something in there for everyone ... One of the books' many great strengths is the characterisation of the Lilliputians ... the books are filled with little puns ... Conference & Common Room
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