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The Temples of Malplaquet, by Andrew Dalton

The Temples of Malplaquet

By Andrew Dalton


A charming and imaginative fantasy in which thirteen-year-old Jamie finds himself responsible for protecting a hidden world of 'little people' concealed in enchanted temples deep in the English countryside. Illustrated by Jonny Boatfield.

Series: Malplaquet Trilogy
Available as: Paperback

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About this Book

They are becoming livelier and they live in magical temples, deep in the heart of the English countryside. This is no ordinary secret which can be ignored by thirteen-year-old Jamie, appointed as 'Assistant Guide' by Granny, the protector, to take care of the curious 'little people'.

Follow Jamie in The Temples of Malplaquet, the first in a trilogy, which draws inspiration from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, Mistress Masham's Repose by T.H. White, and the beautiful and mysterious 18th Century Landscape Gardens at Stowe.

Meet intriguing and vividly painted characters along the journey, such as Nigriff, the six-inch high Senior Imperial Archivist and Elysian, Horatius Gratton, the frustrated owner of an incompetent flat-coated Retriever called Hobbes, and General Thorclan, leader of the Grecian army.

Another world, even a whole Empire is discovered among the temples in a garden, occupied by Malplaquet school. Can Jamie bring this concealed kingdom back into safety?


The Way In

1. Across the Water
2. Passing the Tests
3. A Voyage of Discovery
4. The First Battle
5. The Challenge in the Gothic Temple
6. The Golf War
7. Vicky's Discovery
8. The Cold Stream Cup
9. The Ancient Prophecy
10. Past No More
11. Strange Forces
12. Restoring the Temples
13. An Extraordinary Assembly
14. The Search for Yenech
15. Conflict on the Lakes
16. The End of the Beginning


   Chapter 1: Across the Water » (PDF, 83 KB)

About the Author

Andrew Dalton has had a life-long fascination with eccentric architecture, from grottoes to ruins, as well as the history of gardens and landscape. He first experienced Stowe gardens as a child and has spent many years discovering more about them. He is currently delighted to be teaching Religious Studies at Shrewsbury School.

Jonny Boatfield has created much of the artwork used by the National Trust at Stowe.

Reviews and Comments

"The stuff children's daydreams are made of. Author Andrew Dalton has taken a ready made, fertile setting and brought it up to date. ... Dalton has written a children's adventure, liberally salted with magic, winking with frequent good-humoured digs that will be enjoyed by parents as they read to their children."
Joy Calderwood,

"Andrew Dalton and the Lutterworth Press are to be congratulated on daring to be different. It is very much a contemporary tale, and like all of our best children's fiction, it is a story full of colour, character and heart. ... It is a story about decisions and consequences, about patterns of behaiviour, about the way we relate to others. In other words it is about what it means to be human. Or, it's a quirky, surreal, fun adventure story."
Adrian Boote, in Conference & Common Room

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