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The Mystery and the World
The Mystery and the World (PB)
By Maria Clara Bingemer
Making It in the Political Blogosphere, by Tanni Haas

Making It in the Political Blogosphere

The World's Top Political Bloggers Share the Secrets to Success

By Tanni Haas


A lively and informative examination of the phenomenon of political blogging, conducted through interviews with some of the most prominent of today's political bloggers.

Trade Information: LGENPOD
Available as: Paperback, ePub, Kindle, PDF
Print Paperback 10.50
ISBN: 9780718892777
Specifications: 234x156mm, 182pp
Publication: November 2011
ePub eBook 5.25 + VAT
ISBN: 9780718840082
Publication: May 2012
Kindle eBook
ISBN: 9780718840228
Publication: May 2012
PDF eBook 7.00 + VAT
ISBN: 9780718840150
Specifications: 171pp
Publication: May 2012

About this Book

Over one million people write political blogs, yet a select few wield enormous power within the political blogosphere and over politics in general. Known as the "political blogging A-list", these bloggers command the majority of blogging traffic; set the agenda for the rest of the political blogosphere; and have a strong influence on politics, whether it is directly through blogging, or indirectly through influencing mainstream news media.

In Making it in the Political Blogosphere, Tanni Haas profiles and interviews twenty of the world's top political bloggers, who share the secrets of their success. Despite the partisan nature of blogging, in which Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians share the same space, the twenty bloggers are in surprising agreement about what makes a successful blogger. In securing access to the political blogging A-list, Haas has provided us with an entertaining sequence of interviews, which are invaluable to any aspiring political blogger.

Making it in the Political Blogosphere was used as a key text at the 'Liberty, Public Policy and the Blogosphere' conference organised by the Liberty Fund in Indianapolis, USA (2830 June 2012).


Introduction: The Rise and Influence of the Political Blogging A-List

1. Arianna Huffington
2. Taegan Goddard
3. Jane Hamsher
4. Eric Olsen
5. Andrew Malcolm
6. Nick Gillespie
7. Thomas Lifson
8. Eric Garris
9. Tyler Cowen
10. Rogers Cadenhead
11. Lew Rockwell
12. Jim Hoft
13. Steve Clemons
14. Ben Smith
15. Matthew Yglesias
16. John Hawkins
17. Heather Parton
18. Kevin Drum
19. Juan Cole
20. Cheryl Contee

Conclusion: How to Plan, Produce, and Promote a Successful Political Blog



   Introduction » (PDF, 59 KB)
   Chapter 1: Arianna Huffington » (PDF, 62 KB)
   Chapter 12: Jim Hoft » (PDF, 55 KB)

About the Author

Tanni Haas holds the Leonard & Claire Tow Professorship and is a Full Professor in the Department of Speech Communication Arts and Sciences at the City University of New York, Brooklyn College. An avid political blog reader, he is the author of The Pursuit of Public Journalism, as well as numerous scholarly essays.

Reviews and Comments

"... a wealth of perspective, insight, history, advice, and storytelling from the interviewees, and Haas' opening and closing chapters provide great ways of thinking about the blogosphere."
Nick Gillespie, founder of Reason Magazine's official blog Hit and Run

"... a brilliant insider's look at the political blogosphere and the minds that lead it."
John Glaser,

"As a blogger, I wish I had read this book first. Talk about insightful and enlightening! This book provides an amazing look inside blogging, and how a few people with very different approaches became such powerful voices politically. I am retooling my approach, and this book might now be my new bible for blogging. Great job!"
Kevin Jackson,

"Would I recommend this book? Why, yes yes I would"
Adrienne, of

"... an invaluable source for anyone thinking of blogging or simply wanting to step up one's game."
BigFurHat, of

"This book is a primer for amateur or serious bloggers, especially those ready to move beyond 'blogging for me' to 'blogging for an audience'."
Anthony Moretti, in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Vol 90(2)

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