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Watching for the Morning, by Philip Blair

Watching for the Morning

Global Chaos and Cosmic Hope

By Philip Blair


Aimed at the general reader, this is an essential guide to the new Millennium, a scriptural presentation of Christian hope against the background of social disintegration and religious fanaticism which prevails throughout so much of today's world.

Available as: Paperback

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About this Book

Aimed at the general reader, this book is a scriptural and convincing presentation of Christian hope against a background of political, economic and social disintegration, religious fanaticism or aberration in the 'end time' climate which prevails in the world today. This is the essential guide to the end of the Millennium, presenting and analysing the latest events that we have all faced and their influence on the world that is due to start next year.

From the ancient and more recent history of Jerusalem and the problems of the Middle East, through the prospect of a world-wide economic collapse, to the view that happiness and sexual gratification have become an "inalienable right" and the spoliation of the environment, the author examines the current and forthcoming problems that the world faces. Finding the links between them, he draws a picture that could move the reader to despair.

But the almost unalloyed bleakness of the World's way to global catastrophe is not the main burden of the book. For the Christian who is faithful to God, there is hope even more, the sure promise of deliverance from the 'last great tribulation'. Philip Blair interprets the words addressed by Jesus to the Church at Philadelphia "Because you have kept my word of patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial which is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell upon the earth" (Revelation 3:10), as meaning that a promise has been given to all true believers that they will not be required to pass through this period of unparalleled world distress, this outpouring of God's wrath.

Philip Blair's interpretation seems credible, and replete with "the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted of God". It is impossible therefore to overestimate the importance of this book. The author has shed light on "one of the less obvious truths of scripture" and his book deserves the widest possible readership, providing hints, guidance and comfort for the years to come.


Foreword by John Pridmore

I. 'Centre of the World'
II. Threshold of Hope?
III. Extending the Trends
IV. Rex Quondam Rexque Futurus
V. Jacob's Trouble
VI. Lift-off!
VII. Watching for the Morning



   Foreword by John Pridmore » (PDF, 31 KB)
   Chapter I: 'Centre of the World' » (PDF, 95 KB)

About the Author

Philip Blair has worked both as a full-time Anglican priest, and in secular employment. He has lived and worked in Africa, the Middle East and in the Gulf, and is currently a university lecturer in Cyprus.

Reviews and Comments

"A sane book about a theme usually left to crackpots: the end of the world. I wonder whether a Church preoccupied with the penultimate will notice this book. For the sake of its soul, it needs to."
Church Times

"By a skilful use of primary authorities, the author subjects the world to a rigorous examination of its political, commercial and moral trends. Here is a book, nicely written, that invites careful and prayerful study. I recommend it."
English Churchman

"A new book just published by the Lutterworth Press, Watching for the Morning, by Philip Blair, analyses current events and their influence on the new millennium. It is aimed at the general reader but it is scriptural and presents the Christian hope for the future. In spite of today's turmoil, social immorality and 'everyone for himself' ideology, the author points out that the Christian is faithful to God, in whom there is salvation and the sure promise of deliverance from the 'last tribulation'."

"Philip Blair's writings are invariably stimulating."
David Gilbert, in Sherborne Scene

"... begins with a good and wide ranging review of issues within society across the globe, welcome critique offers interesting insights and will assist in opening an interesting debate."
IM Agenda

"An erudite, scholarly and thoroughly up-to-date account of the power struggles that have plagued the Holy Land throughout history and then follows this story tale with prophetical material from the Old and New Testaments suggesting what devout Christians might reasonably expect of God in the near future. ... He is adept in the interpretation of symbols. ... This book is interesting, politically well-informed, and very alarming especially for the non-chosen ones."
Outlook, No 32

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