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The Great Invitation, by Emil Brunner

The Great Invitation

Zurich Sermons

By Emil Brunner


A series of sermons by the renowned Swiss theologian and preacher, combining a profound understanding of the central doctrines of Christianity with persuasive spirituality and eloquence.

Available as: Hardback, Paperback

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Print Hardback £43.25
ISBN: 9780718890346
Specifications: 222x144mm, 196pp
Publication: April 2003
Print Paperback £20.25
ISBN: 9780718890339
Specifications: 216x140mm, 192pp
Publication: April 2003

About this Book

A series of sermons, revealing Brunner as an outstanding preacher. Few theologians of his eminence combine their understanding of the central doctrines of the Christian faith with such persuasive spiritual exposition and eloquence.

"Preaching," says Brunner, "is a living occurrence which can only very imperfectly be crystallised in writing." But the most critical judges of sermons will admit that here a master preacher moves beyond the printed page into the soul of the reader.

There is a personal poignancy about the Fraumünster sermons, which places them in the forefront of modern preaching. Here a great teacher of the faith proclaims the Word of God to a 'believing congregation' – an encounter seen by Brunner as decisive for Christian communication.


   List of Contents » (PDF, 46 KB)


   Sermon 1: Lord, is it I? » (PDF, 410 KB)
   Sermon 13: God, Our Refuge » (PDF, 365 KB)

About the Author

Dr Emil Brunner was made Privatdozent at the University of Zurich at the age of 33, and later was appointed Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology. In 1953 he became Professor of Christian University, Tokyo (Japan) and in 1955 returned to Zurich.

His three-volume masterpiece Dogmatics is available from our sister imprint James Clarke and Co Ltd.

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