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Logic Made Easy, by R.H. Warring

Logic Made Easy

By R.H. Warring


An absorbing introductory treatment of logic, ranging from classic philosophy to the fundamental building blocks of modern electronics.

Available as: Hardback

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Print Hardback £16.00
ISBN: 9780718825805
Specifications: 222x144mm, 128pp
Publication: July 1984

About this Book

Logic is no longer the arid academic subject it once was, with philosophical origins dating back to Ancient Greece. Today it plays a prominent part in modern thinking and technology, especially in electronic circuitry and computer programming. Logic might therefore be considered as having acquired a new mantle – 'machine thinking' or breaking down problems into simple (logical) units : YES and NO or 0 and 1. In this absorbing book the author takes us along the historical path of considering what logic is all about and how the thought processes engendered became the building blocks of the new electronic revolution.

The early chapters describe types of logic and their use. Chapters on Deductive and Inductive Logic cover traditional ground, and the numerous examples provide practice in the thought processes involved. Another chapter covers the use of logic in solving aptitude tests and the remaining detailed chapters show how to cope with Venn diagrams; simple logic diagrams; simple arithmetic or numeracy logic; block logic and truth tables; algorithms; Boolean algebra; Karnaugh maps and logic circuits. The book will be found to help in everyday life as a valuable tool in problem solving whether it is at the 'intelligence', 'intellectual' or mathematical and computer level.

This is an entirely new approach to a subject that has had its proponents since time immemorial, and deals equally helpfully with puzzles and real-life situations.


Introduction to Logic

1. Some Types of Logic
2. Which Type of Logic to Use?
3. Deductive Logic
4. Venn Diagrams
5. Simple Logic Diagrams
6. Inductive Logic
7. Simple Arithmetic or Logic with Numbers
8. Logic in Aptitude Tests
9. Introduction to Block Logic and Truth Tables
10. Algorithms
11. Introduction to Boolean Algebra
12. More Logic Equations
13. Karnaugh Maps and Logic circuits


About the Author

R.H. Warring is one of the best-known writers in the field of practical radio and electronics, and is renowned for writing technical books that can readily be understood by the layman.

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