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Modern Transistor Radios

By R.H. Warring

Modern Transistor Radios

Modern Transistor Radios

By R.H. Warring

A guide to making a transistor radio with clear step-by-step instructions.

Trade Information: LGEN
Available as: Hardback

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This book aims to provide a basic working manual for hobbyists and other amateurs with little or no previous knowledge or practical experience of electronics. It describes and illustrates the circuits for nine different transistor radios. Each one is simple to make, and should give good listening results through headphones. Most can also be adapted to work through loudspeakers.

Special features include:

  • Layouts and step-by-step plans for each circuit
  • All circuits also shown in complete 'circuit diagram' form
  • Helpful tips on getting the set to work and to improve performance


1. Building tips
2. Soldering
3. Simple one-transistor receiver
4. N-P-N transistor receiver
5. A two-transistor receiver
6. Stabilised two-transistor receiver
7. One-transistor regenerative receiver
8. Another regenerative receiver
9. Double-diode reflex receiver
10. A superior reflex receiver
11. More hints and tips ...
12. Transformer output
13. Class 'A' loudspeaker output
14. Class 'B' push-pull output
15. Working a loudspeaker
16. Circuit diagrams
17. Where to get your components

R.H. Warring is one of the best-known writers in the field of practical radio and electronics, and is renowned for writing technical books that can readily be understood by the layman. His own vast experience has made him all too aware of the possible pitfalls besetting the beginner.