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The Mediator

The Mediator:

A Study of the Central Doctrine of the Christian Faith

By Brunner, Emil

A thorough and provocative analysis of the Biblical doctrine of the Person and the work of Christ, establishing Jesus Christ as the Mediator between God and man.

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ISBN: 9780718890490
The Misunderstanding of the Church

The Misunderstanding of the Church

By Brunner, Emil

An instructive an insightful analysis of what is wrong with the modern churches, when compared with the early, Spirit-filled fellowship of the New Testament.

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ISBN: 9780718891343

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ISBN: 9780718891336
Riverside Journey

Riverside Journey:

A Portrait of the Derwent

By Bryant, Ashley

A beautiful collection of watercolours and other paintings and sketches charting the course of the Derwent from its source to its confluence with the Trent.

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ISBN: 9780718830137
The Thames

The Thames:

An Artist's Journey

By Bryant, Ashley

A stunning collection of watercolours, oils and sketches tracing the length of the River Thames, telling the story of England's greatest waterway.

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ISBN: 9780718830625
English Churchyard Memorials

English Churchyard Memorials

By Burgess, Frederick

A guide to the origins and development of the stone tombs and monuments of English churchyards.

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ISBN: 9780718891404
The Story of Quakerism in Scotland

The Story of Quakerism in Scotland:


By Burnet, George B. and Marwick, William H.

The fascinating and troubled history behind Scottish Quakerism is charted in impressive detail in this pioneering study.

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ISBN: 9780718891763

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ISBN: 9780718842260
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The Gospel According to the Blues

The Gospel According to the Blues

By Burnett, Gary W.

An exploration of the Blues as a mirror to the message of the Christian gospel, combining a love of the music with current biblical and theological scholarship.

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ISBN: 9780718893897

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ISBN: 9780718843656
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ISBN: 9780718843632
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Rock of Ages?

Rock of Ages?:

The changing faces of the Christian God

By Butler, John

An exploration of how the idea of the Christian God has changed and evolved over the millennia, showing the diversity in what Christians have believed God to be.

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ISBN: 9780718892968

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ISBN: 9780718841812
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ISBN: 9780718841829
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ISBN: 9780718841805
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Children's Literature and Social Change

Children's Literature and Social Change:

Some Case Studies from Barbara Hofland to Philip Pullman

By Butts, Dennis

Twelve innovative case studies covering the period from the early 19th century, exploring children's literature in its social, cultural and political context.

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ISBN: 9780718892081
From the Dairyman's Daughter to Worrals of the WAAF

From the Dairyman's Daughter to Worrals of the WAAF:

The RTS, Lutterworth Press and Children's Literature

By Butts, Dennis and Garrett, Pat (editors)

Essays analysing the development of 18th-20th century children's literature, and the role played by the Religious Tract Society and the Lutterworth Press.

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ISBN: 9780718830557
How Did Long John Silver Lose his Leg?

How Did Long John Silver Lose his Leg?:

and Twenty-Six Other Mysteries of Children's Literature

By Butts, Dennis and Hunt, Peter

A wide-ranging and lively exploration of the questions raised by the classics of children's fiction, in the texts themselves and in their cultural reception.

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ISBN: 9780718893101

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ISBN: 9780718841942
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ISBN: 9780718841959
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