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Preaching and the Personal
Preaching and the Personal (PB)
By J. Dwayne Howell (editor)
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A Polity of Persuasion
A Polity of Persuasion (PB)
By Jeffrey W. Driver

Special Offers

Every month we offer discounts on a number of selected titles. Please note that these discounts are offered only to customers ordering from us directly.
    Title   Format   Price 
A Century of Old Testament Study Book of the Month

A Century of Old Testament Study

By R.E. Clements

ISBN: 9780718825478

A thorough account of the main lines of Old Testament scholarship from the 1870s onwards.

Series: Century of

Offer ends
31 Aug 2014

The Great Rescue Operation Special Offer

The Great Rescue Operation

By Jean Van Leeuwen

ISBN: 9780744400229

A charming and amusing tale of three mice living it up in a department store, until one of them gets sold while asleep in a doll's pram and the others must come up with a rescue plan. Illustrated by Margot Apple.

Offer ends
31 Aug 2014

Jerusalem Special Offer


From the Bronze Age to the Maccabees

By Graeme Auld and Margreet Steiner

ISBN: 9780718829018

An account of recent archaeological developments at the biblical site of Jerusalem, aimed the general reader, the student and the tourist.

Series: Cities of the Biblical World

Offer ends
31 Aug 2014

Jim and Pete Special Offer

Jim and Pete

By Judy Hindley

ISBN: 9780744400434

An amusing picture book for younger children, telling the story of how the friendly rivalry between Jim and Pete leads them to find something they can do together. Illustrated by Colin West.

Series: Best of Friends Series

Offer ends
31 Aug 2014

The Moonstruck Mongrel Special Offer

The Moonstruck Mongrel

By Pandora Pollen

ISBN: 9780718827885

Rollo, an inquisitive and determined puppy, has made up his mind to become an astronaut. An exciting and amusing story, with a strong message about cruelty to animals. Illustrated by Warren Prentice.

Offer ends
31 Aug 2014

A Theology of the New Testament Special Offer

A Theology of the New Testament

Revised Edition

By George Eldon Ladd

ISBN: 9780718829155

Comprehensive and magisterial, this is the standard and definitive work on New Testament theology. Revised in 1994 by Donald A. Hagner, the new edition also includes additional material by David Wenham and R.T. France.

Offer ends
31 Aug 2014

Time, Science and Philosophy Special Offer

Time, Science and Philosophy

By Hector C. Parr

ISBN: 9780718829643

A guide to the philosophical implications of the latest developments in the physical sciences. Aimed at the general reader, this concise and elegant work will both inform and stimulate, as well as providing a basis for understanding more advanced works.

Offer ends
31 Aug 2014

The Walls of Jericho Special Offer

The Walls of Jericho

By Jenny Thorne

ISBN: 9780718827649

A brightly illustrated retelling of the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho. Sturdy fold-out pages and flaps to lift to reveal hidden scenes make this an ideal book for younger readers. Illustrated by the author.

Series: Concertina Bible Stories

Offer ends
31 Aug 2014

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Time, Science and Philosophy
Time, Science and Philosophy (PB)
By Hector C. Parr
13.50 12.15
01.Of Seas and Ships and Scientists (PB) by Anthony Laughton, John Gould, 'Tom' Tucker and Howard Roe (editors)
02.Extramural (PB) by Adrian Barlow
03.The Atheist's Creed (PB) by Michael Palmer
04.Vesta Boxes (PB) by Roger Fresco-Corbu
05.First Prayers (Std, HB) by Tasha Tudor
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