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The Book of Womanhood

The Book of Womanhood

By Abdallah, Amy F. Davis

An exploration of female identity within Christianity, tracing a path to self-discovery and empowerment through the diverse experiences of Christian womanhood.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780718894245

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780718844509
£12.50 + VAT
Importing Faith

Importing Faith:

The Effect of American 'Word of Faith' Culture on Contemporary English Evangelical Revivalism

By Ackerley, Glyn J.

A critical assessment of the influence of the American 'Health, Wealth and Prosperity' movement on contemporary British evangelical and charismatic churches.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780718894252

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780718844516
£20.50 + VAT
Pope Francis

Pope Francis:

His Life and Thought

By Aguilar, Mario I.

A revealing biography of Jorge Bergoglio, exploring the experiences that shaped his theological outlook prior to his election to the papacy in 2013.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780718893422

ePub eBook
ISBN: 9780718842338
£10.88 + VAT

Kindle eBook
ISBN: 9780718842321
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PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780718842314
£14.50 + VAT
Non-Muslims in Muslim Majority Societies

Non-Muslims in Muslim Majority Societies:

With Focus on the Middle East and Pakistan

By Ahlstand, Kajsa and Gunner, Göran (editors)

A collection of essays identifying and discussing the issues raised by the situation of religious minorities in the Muslim world.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780718892449

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780718843014
£15.50 + VAT
Swimming with Dr Johnson and Mrs Thrale

Swimming with Dr Johnson and Mrs Thrale:

Sport, Health and Exercise in eighteenth-century England

By Allen, Julia

An exploration of the history of British sport, viewed through the lens of the life and work of Samuel Johnson and his friend and correspondent Hester Thrale.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780718892760

ePub eBook
ISBN: 9780718840983
£13.13 + VAT

Kindle eBook
ISBN: 9780718841003
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PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780718840990
£17.50 + VAT
Missionary Methods

Missionary Methods:

St Paul's or Ours?

By Allen, Roland

First published in 1912, this authoritative work comparing contemporary missionary methods with those of St Paul remains highly relevant to present-day mission.

Series: Roland Allen Library

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780718891688

ePub eBook
ISBN: 9780718840259
£10.13 + VAT

Kindle eBook
ISBN: 9780718840174
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PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780718840105
£13.50 + VAT
Missionary Principles

Missionary Principles:

and Practice

By Allen, Roland

A classic critique of conventional missionary principles that remains highly relevant for those involved in the Church's mission today.

Series: Roland Allen Library

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780718891701

ePub eBook
ISBN: 9780718840044
£10.13 + VAT