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The Language of Science

The Language of Science:

From the Vernacular to the Technical

By Maurice Crosland

A fascinating account of the development of scientific terminology and the systematic approach to classification and measurement in the 18th century.

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ISBN: 9780718830601
The Latin Clerk

The Latin Clerk:

The Life, Work and Travels of Adrian Fortescue

By Aidan Nichols

An insightful biography of the Roman Catholic priest, scholar and traveller Adrian Fortescue, showing the breadth of his interests and achievements.

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ISBN: 9780718892746

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ISBN: 9780718842017
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Laughter and the Grace of God

Laughter and the Grace of God:

Restoring Laughter to its Central Role in Christian Faith and Theology

By Brian Edgar

An examination of the underappreciated role of laughter in scripture and theology that puts joy and humour back into the centre of Christian life.

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ISBN: 9780718895556

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ISBN: 9780718848149
£14.00 (RRP)
Leadership in Unknown Waters

Leadership in Unknown Waters:

Liminality as Threshold into the Future

By Lisa Withrow

An imaginative exploration of how an understanding of liminality aids those in leadership roles in adapting creatively to change.

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ISBN: 9780718895518

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ISBN: 9780718848095
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ISBN: 9780718848101
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ISBN: 9780718848088
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Legacy of the Founders

Legacy of the Founders:

From Monks to Missionaries

By Nicki Verploegen

An exploration of the origins and development of four great Christian spiritual traditions – monasticism, mendicancy, apostolic ministry and missionary life.

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ISBN: 9780718892661

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ISBN: 9780718840907
£12.25 (RRP)
Let It Go Among Our People

Let It Go Among Our People:

An Illustrated History of the English Bible from John Wyclif to the King James Version

By David Price and Charles C. Ryrie

Beautifully illustrated retelling of the birth of the English Bible, the development of its literary style, and its tumultuous political history.

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ISBN: 9780718830427
The Letter to the Romans

The Letter to the Romans

By Emil Brunner

Brunner's commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Romans, concentrating on the fundamental theological arguments.

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ISBN: 9780718890483

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ISBN: 9780718890476
Liberating Mission in Mozambique

Liberating Mission in Mozambique:

Faith and Revolution in the Life of Eduardo Mondlane

By Robert Faris

An inspiring and informative study of the role of the churches in the liberation struggle in southern Africa, and their links with Eduardo Mondlane.

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ISBN: 9780718893576

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ISBN: 9780718842697
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Life after Tragedy

Life after Tragedy:

Essays on Faith and the First World War Evoked by Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy

By Michael W. Brierley and Georgina A. Byrne (editors)

A collection of essays exploring the theological issues raised by the First World War, inspired by the noted wartime chaplain Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy.

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ISBN: 9780718895341

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ISBN: 9780718847616
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Life and Death in Higher Education

Life and Death in Higher Education:

The Rise and Demise of British Colleges of Education

By Clare Debenham

A social history based on new research of the expansion and subsequent decline of colleges of education in Great Britain.

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