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Titles on science and technology, including electronics, engineering, mathematics, scientific biography and the history and philosophy of science.

Niebuhr in Egypt

Niebuhr in Egypt:

European Science in a Biblical World

By Roger H. Guichard Jr

An account of one of Europe's earliest scientific explorations of Egypt, showing how Carsten Niebuhr laid the foundations of modern Egyptology.

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ISBN: 9780718893354

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ISBN: 9780718842208
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The Not-So-Intelligent Designer

The Not-So-Intelligent Designer:

Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and Intelligent Design Does Not

By Abby Hafer

A witty and accessible dissection of the failure of Intelligent Design creationism, showing its inability to explain many basic features of human anatomy.

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ISBN: 9780718894207

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ISBN: 9780718844462
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Of Seas and Ships and Scientists

Of Seas and Ships and Scientists:

The Remarkable History of the UK's National Institute of Oceanography, 1949–1973

By Anthony Laughton, John Gould, 'Tom' Tucker and Howard Roe (editors)

A fascinating inside account of the founding, the history and the discoveries of the UK's pioneering National Institute of Oceanography.

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ISBN: 9780718892302
Star Tales

Star Tales

By Ian Ridpath

Myths and legends associated with the stars and constellations, as told by a leading science author, with engravings from leading star atlases.

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ISBN: 9780718826956
Star Tales

Star Tales:

Revised and Expanded Edition

By Ian Ridpath

A revised and expanded edition of the classic introduction to the myths and legends associated with the stars and constellations.

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ISBN: 9780718894788

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ISBN: 9780718847821
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ISBN: 9780718847838
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ISBN: 9780718847814
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Such Silver Currents

Such Silver Currents:

The Story of William and Lucy Clifford, 1845–1929

By M. Chisholm

A lively biography of the Victorian mathematician and philosopher William Clifford and his wife Lucy, the influential journalist and novelist.

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ISBN: 9780718895679
The Theory of Knowledge and the Rise of Modern Science

The Theory of Knowledge and the Rise of Modern Science

By Clare Hay

A succinct and comprehensive introduction to the philosophy of knowledge, rendering a complex and fascinating subject accessible.

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ISBN: 9780718830892
Time, Science and Philosophy

Time, Science and Philosophy

By Hector C. Parr

A concise and elegant guide to the philosophical implications of developments in the physical sciences.

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ISBN: 9780718829643