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Anthologies and compilations from our religious catalogue, including collections of essays, sermons, lectures and scholarly papers.

How the World Began

How the World Began:

Sermons on the Creation Story

By Helmut Thielicke

A wide-ranging and powerful collection of sermons on the theme of the Biblical story of Creation, from the pen of a leading 20th-century German theologian.

Series: Thielicke Library

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ISBN: 9780718845094

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ISBN: 9780718845100
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ISBN: 9780718845087
Initiation Rites

Initiation Rites

By John Prickett (editor)

An invaluable resource on initiation rites of the major world religions for teachers, including extracts from initiation liturgies for use as source material.

Series: Living Faiths

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ISBN: 9780718830878
Israel's Messiah and the People of God

Israel's Messiah and the People of God:

A Vision for Messianic Jewish Covenant Fidelity

By Mark S. Kinzer

A collection of writings by the Messianic Jewish theologian Mark Kinzer, introducing the reader to the range and complexities of his thought.

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ISBN: 9780718892609

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ISBN: 9780718840716
John Howard Yoder

John Howard Yoder:

Radical Theologian

By J. Denny Weaver (editor)

Essays on the Mennonite theologian John Yoder's emphasis on the centrality of the narrative of Jesus to his theological method and pacifist ethics.

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ISBN: 9780718893941

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ISBN: 9780718843809

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ISBN: 9780718843786
A Jubilee for All Time

A Jubilee for All Time:

The Copernican Revolution in Jewish-Christian Relations

By Gilbert S. Rosenthal (editor)

A selection of essays analysing the impact of the Second Vatican Council document Nostra Aetate on Catholic-Jewish relations.

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ISBN: 9780718894894

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ISBN: 9780718845810
Life after Tragedy

Life after Tragedy:

Essays on Faith and the First World War Evoked by Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy

By Michael W. Brierley and Georgina A. Byrne (editors)

A collection of essays exploring the theological issues raised by the First World War, inspired by the noted wartime chaplain Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy.

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ISBN: 9780718895341

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ISBN: 9780718847616
Life Can Begin Again

Life Can Begin Again:

Sermons on the Sermon on the Mount

By Helmut Thielicke

Inspirational addresses on themes from the Sermon on the Mount, showing how it cannot be understood outside the context of the person and work of Christ.

Series: Thielicke Library

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ISBN: 9780718894573

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ISBN: 9780718845063

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ISBN: 9780718845070
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ISBN: 9780718845056
The Logic of the Spirit in Human Thought and Experience

The Logic of the Spirit in Human Thought and Experience:

Exploring the Vision of James E. Loder Jr

By Dana R. Wright and Keith J. White (editors)

Essays bringing together in fruitful dialogue the Child Theology Movement and the Spirit-centred theology of the American theologian James E. Loder.

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ISBN: 9780718893781

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ISBN: 9780718843434
The Lyrical Theology of Charles Wesley

The Lyrical Theology of Charles Wesley:

A Reader (Expanded Edition)

By S.T. Kimbrough

An introduction to the theology of Charles Wesley as expressed through his writings, illustrated with an extensive thematic selection of his hymns and poetry.

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ISBN: 9780718893385