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Books on the ministry and pastoral care, including the role and practice of the ministry in the Church, pastoral theology and pastoral counselling.

The Art of Spiritual Midwifery

The Art of Spiritual Midwifery:

DiaLogos and Dialectic in the Classical Tradition

By Stephen Faller

An investigation of the Socratic metaphor of spiritual caregiver as midwife, showing how it offers a rich and fertile model for the provision of pastoral care.

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ISBN: 9780718894153

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ISBN: 9780718844417
£12.00 (RRP)
The Collar

The Collar:

Reading Christian Ministry in Fiction, Television, and Film

By Sue Sorensen

An engaging analysis of the portrayal of Christian clergy in the arts, and how cultural perceptions shape popular understanding of the ministry.

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ISBN: 9780718893644

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ISBN: 9780718842765
£22.25 (RRP)
Grace for the Injured Self

Grace for the Injured Self:

The Healing Approach of Heinz Kohut

By Terry D. Cooper and Robert L. Randall

A study of Kohut's 'self psychology' in treating psychological injuries that threaten self-cohesion, and the value of such an approach in pastoral care.

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ISBN: 9780718892586

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ISBN: 9780718840815
£14.75 (RRP)
Healing the Ravaged Soul

Healing the Ravaged Soul:

Tending the Spiritual Wounds of Child Sexual Abuse

By Sue Magrath

A compassionate treatment of the sufferings of the survivors of sexual abuse, offering a guide to the journey back to spiritual wholeness.

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ISBN: 9780718894702

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ISBN: 9780718845391
£11.50 (RRP)
The Healing Tradition of the New Testament

The Healing Tradition of the New Testament

By Douglas Ellory Pett

An analysis of healing in the New Testament and in early Christianity that aims to rediscover the spiritual basis of the healing ministry of the Church.

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ISBN: 9780718893873

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ISBN: 9780718843625
£12.38 (RRP)

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ISBN: 9780718843618
£12.38 (RRP)
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ISBN: 9780718843601
£16.50 (RRP)


A New Christian Ethic

By Elizabeth R. Moberly

The best-selling Christian study of homosexuality, combining a psychoanalytical approach with an emphasis on the need for counselling and prayer.

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ISBN: 9780718830656
In the Fellowship of His Suffering

In the Fellowship of His Suffering:

A Theological Interpretation of Mental Illness – A Focus on 'Schizophrenia'

By Elahe Hessamfar

A thoughtful exploration of the theological significance of schizophrenia, drawing on biblical insight for a Christian approach to the care of the mentally ill.

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ISBN: 9780718893828

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ISBN: 9780718843472
£22.25 (RRP)
In the Shadow of his Wings

In the Shadow of his Wings:

The Pastoral Ministry of Angels: Yesterday, Today, and for Heaven

By Jonathan Macy

A scholarly study of the role of angels in the Bible and the Christian Church, showing how they can be understood in a context of ministry and pastoral care.

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ISBN: 9780718892500

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780718842932
£12.50 (RRP)
Insight to Heal

Insight to Heal:

Co-Creating Beauty Amidst Human Suffering

By Mark Graves

An imaginative synthesis of science and theology that establishes the growth and flourishing of the person as the cornerstone of Christian healing.

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ISBN: 9780718895082

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780718846077
£21.50 (RRP)
Legacy of the Founders

Legacy of the Founders:

From Monks to Missionaries

By Nicki Verploegen

An exploration of the origins and development of four great Christian spiritual traditions – monasticism, mendicancy, apostolic ministry and missionary life.

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ISBN: 9780718892661