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The Guide to Norfolk Churches

The Guide to Norfolk Churches:

Third Revised and Enlarged Edition

By Mortlock, D.P. and Roberts, C.V.

A new and expanded edition of the authoritative illustrated guide to medieval churches in Norfolk, including a glossary of historical and architectural terms.

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ISBN: 9780718895112

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ISBN: 9780718847135
£19.90 (RRP)

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ISBN: 9780718847142
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ISBN: 9780718847128
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Guide to Old Testament Prophecy

Guide to Old Testament Prophecy

By Mowvley, Harry

An introduction to the basic principles of prophecy in the Old Testament, the background against which the prophets worked and their underlying ideals.

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ISBN: 9780718891381

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ISBN: 9780718891374
The Bible, the Bullet, and the Ballot

The Bible, the Bullet, and the Ballot:

Zimbabwe: The Impact of Christian Protest in Sociopolitical Transformation, ca. 1900–ca. 2000

By Moyo, Fabulous

A study of the contribution of Christians and Christian ideals to the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe and to the postcolonial settlement.

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ISBN: 9780718894931

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ISBN: 9780718845858
£16.50 (RRP)
Meet Me at the Palaver

Meet Me at the Palaver:

Narrative Pastoral Counselling in Postcolonial Contexts

By Mucherera, Tapiwa N.

An examination of the damage done to traditional African culture by colonial forms of Christianity, and of new forms of pastoral care to redress the balance.

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ISBN: 9780718892197

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ISBN: 9780718842987
£16.25 (RRP)
Four Wise Men

Four Wise Men:

The Lives and Teachings of Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad

By Muesse, Mark W.

A comparative study of the lives and thought of four of the greatest sages in history, and how their legacies shape the world in which we live.

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ISBN: 9780718895228

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ISBN: 9780718847371
£24.00 (RRP)
Christian Warfare in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe

Christian Warfare in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe:

The Salvation Army and African Liberation, 1891–1991

By Murdoch, Norman H.

A comprehensive history of the Salvation Army in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe, from the era of Victorian colonisation to the aftermath of the liberation struggle.

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ISBN: 9780718894115

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ISBN: 9780718844318
£15.50 (RRP)
New Handbook of Christian Theology

New Handbook of Christian Theology

By Musser, Donald W. and Price, Joseph L.

An indispensable reference providing thorough introductory articles on the major themes in Christian theology.

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ISBN: 9780718828714
Dusty Earthlings

Dusty Earthlings:

Living as Eco-Physical Beings in God's Eco-Physical World

By Mustol, John

A theological exploration of ecological issues based on the understanding that humans are a physical part of God's earthly creation.

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ISBN: 9780718895235

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ISBN: 9780718847388
£19.00 (RRP)