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First Prayers

First Prayers:

Standard Edition

By Tudor, Tasha

An exquisitely illustrated collection of prayers expressing the ever-loving presence of God, ideal for children aged 2–4.

Series: First Books

Print Hardback
ISBN: 9780718803063
More Prayers

More Prayers:

Presentation Edition

By Tudor, Tasha

A collection of beautifully illustrated prayers, including short passages from the Psalms.

Series: First Books

Print Hardback
ISBN: 9780718826277
Returning to Reality

Returning to Reality:

Christian Platonism for our Times

By Tyson, Paul

An metaphysical exercise attacking the assumptions underlying society and seeing Christian Platonism as central in the Christian understanding of the world.

Print Paperback
ISBN: 9780718893859

PDF eBook
ISBN: 9780718843540
£14.50 (RRP)