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The Mystery and the World

The Mystery and the World:

Passion for God in Times of Unbelief

By Maria Clara Bingemer

An exploration of how faith and the search for transcendence have undergone dramatic change while remaining undiminished in the post-Enlightenment era.

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ISBN: 9780718844530
£28.00 (RRP)
The Mystery of Preaching

The Mystery of Preaching

By James Black

This classic book on all aspects of preaching remains a valuable guide for ministers and theological students.

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ISBN: 9780718891169

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ISBN: 9780718891152
Myth and Gospel in the Fiction of John Updike

Myth and Gospel in the Fiction of John Updike

By John McTavish

An exploration of the work of the American novelist John Updike, revealing the powerful mythic and sacred themes that underlie his fictional world.

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ISBN: 9780718895372

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ISBN: 9780718847647
£13.00 (RRP)