The Guide to Norfolk Churches

By D.P. Mortlock and C.V. Roberts

The authoritative illustrated guide to medieval churches in Norfolk brought together in a single volume, with a glossary of historical and architectural terms.

ISBN: 9780718830649


The profusion of medieval churches in Norfolk not only provides examples of beautiful church architecture, but also records life in their communities and offers an insight into the history of medieval England. Previously published as a three-volume series, this invaluable and straightforward guide to the ‘living’ medieval churches of Norfolk has been re-written to help the visitor to understand both the general features and the unique of those in different areas.

The guide is generously illustrated with new photographs, line drawings and a detailed map to aid in locating each church within the county. It also includes a substantial reference section in encyclopaedic form, designed to answer a host of questions which may tease the church visitor. For example, what symbols are used to represent particular saints? Why do so many Norfolk churches stand isolated from their villages? And why does the pagan Green Man find a place in our Christian churches? This book provides the answers to these and other questions.

Written by enthusiasts for both the churches and the county in which they stand, the great appeal of this guide is that, once the code of church architecture has been broken and the language learned every church, be it ever so humble, is shown to be unique, with its own story to offer. This guide provides the key.

In this, his revised guide to Norfolk churches, Mr Mortlock has provided us with a fascinating and illuminating description of each and every one he has visited. Armed with this guide the visitor cannot fail to enjoy exploring our lovely churches and having done so, it is my earnest hope that he or she will be inspired to lend their support to these marvellous symbols of our heritage.
From the Foreword by the Countess of Leicester

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About the Author

D.P. Mortlock is a Fellow of the Library Association and served as an officer in the Indian Army from 1945-7. For twenty years, he was the County Librarian of Norfolk and was Librarian to the Earl of Leicester from 1985 to 2011. He is also the author of the Guide to Suffolk Churches, a revised and expanded edition of his Popular Guide to Suffolk Churches, which was previously published as three volumes.

C.V. Roberts was the literary editor and drama critic of the Eastern Daily Press. He has also lived and worked in the Middle East, and now lives in France.


Foreword by the Countess of Leicester
Styles of Architecture and Monarchs

Alphabetical Guide to Churches

Glossary of Terms
Appendix 1: Saints
Appendix 2: Styles of Architecture


Endorsements and Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised that it was not only easily readable but was quite comprehensive in detail of the buildings, both the exterior and the interior building feature and also the furnishings. It’s good to find that the authors have sought to find the uniqueness of each building however small, rather than just identifying their architectural style and then dwelling in detail only on the grand.
Across the See, magazine of the Diocese of Norwich

I fell on this book with delight, and it became my companion for weeks as I worked my way through it. I am very pleased with the new Mortlock edition, it is essential reading, and a good companion. I have added it enthusiastically to my travelling armoury.
Simon Knott,

This guide sets out to be far more accessible, and succeeds admirably. Entries are warm, well written with nice concision, and are arranged so that they emphasize what makes a church special.
British Archaeology Magazine