Upon This Rock: The Sacrifices of a Japanese Nurse for a Young Church

By Eric W. Gosden

The moving true story of Sumi San, a Japanese nurse who converted to Christianity and helped to establish a mission for a small rural community.

ISBN: 9780718826840


The beauty of the Christian faith shines out from this true story of Sumi San, a Japanese nurse who converted from Buddhism to Christianity. In the heart of Japan, when Shintoism and Buddhism held almost universal sway, Sumi San’s zeal in winning others for Christ was often mocked and opposed, but it was her dedication that led to the foundation of a vigorous indigenous church in her village community. She lived just long enough to attend the dedication of the completed building.

This deeply moving story is one that will challenge Christians and non-Christians alike to dedicate their lives to the service of others.

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Dimensions 197 × 126 mm
Pages 158

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Part I: The Quarry of Life
1. An Indelible Scar
2. Formed Under Pressure
3. Gold Gleams in the Ore
4. A Dark Vein is Introduced
5. The Bottom of the Pit
6. Solid Rock in Seeming Void

Part II: The Hand of the Mason
7. God’s Way in the Mountains
8. The Master Plan Revealed
9. The Building Takes Shape
10. Weathered by the Storm
11. “Fitly Framed Together”
12. The Chisel of Chastening

Part III: Living Stones
13. A Broader Foundation
14. Built in Perilous Times
15. Built by Night
16. Overlaid with Gold
17. Glory Fills the House
18. No Temple There
19. The After-Glow of Glory