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A Century of Old Testament Study

By R.E. Clements

A Century of Old Testament Study

A Century of Old Testament Study

By R.E. Clements

A thorough account of the main lines of Old Testament scholarship from the 1870s onwards.

Series: Century of …
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ISBN: 9780718825478

Specifications: 216x136mm (8.5x5.43in), 192pp

Published: December 1992


Part of the Century series – each book reviews and summarises the key developments in a particular branch of religious studies during the past century.

With a balance of scholarship and readability, Professor Clements offers both the student and the general reader alike an account of the main lines of Old Testament interpretation over the last hundred years. He focuses on the work of a few scholars whose contributions appear to him to have been particularly significant and interesting, and shows some of the interconnections between them. With each chapter the treatment is broadly chronological.


1. Introduction
2. Interpreting the Pentateuch
3. Interpreting the Historical Books
4. Interpreting the Prophets
5. Interpreting the Psalms
6. Interpreting the Wisdom Literature
7. Interpreting Old Testament Theology
8. Retrospect and Prospect

Index of Authors

R.E. Clements was Samuel Davidson Professor of Old Testament Studies at King's College London.

There is no other work that covers this ground ... I could wish that something of this sort had been available to me in my earlier days, and it will be a great help to students. F.F. Bruce