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A Century of Protestant Theology

By Alasdair Heron

A Century of Protestant Theology

A Century of Protestant Theology

By Alasdair Heron

An invaluable study of the theological developments in Protestant thought over the last hundred years.

Series: Century of …
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ISBN: 9780718824303

Specifications: 216x136mm (8.5x5.43in), 240pp

Published: March 1993


Part of the Century series – each book reviews and summarises the key developments in a particular branch of religious studies during the past century.

Protestant theology did not begin a hundred years ago, but it is within the last century that so many significant developments have taken place. It is these developments which are Alasdair Heron's primary concern, though in order to put them in their proper context, he has also provided outlines of earlier thinking. Whilst the main emphasis is Protestant, the last chapter looks at the new horizons opened up by encounter with the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox, with other religions and with the natural sciences.


1. The Challenge of the Enlightenment
2. New Beginnings: From Schleiermacher to the First World War
3. A Changing Climate
4. From Rebellion to the Church Dogmatics: The Theology of Karl Barth
5. Faith, Myth and History: The Bultmann Question
6. Some Trends Outside Germany
7. Theologies Secular, Radical and Political
8. Further Horizons: Of Ecumenism, Religions and Science

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Alasdair Heron is Professor of Reformed Theology at the University of Erlangen in Germany.