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The Intercession of Rees Howells

By Doris M. Ruscoe

The Intercession of Rees Howells

The Intercession of Rees Howells

By Doris M. Ruscoe

A summary of the teachings and writings of Rees Howells on Intercession, illuminating the great Welsh preacher's ideas and bringing his message to life.

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ISBN: 9780718895594

Specifications: 186x123mm (7.32x4.84in), 126pp

Published: April 2003


Doris Ruscoe came to the Bible College of Wales in 1932. "I was earnestly seeking to meet God in a new way," she wrote. "The answer came to me through Rees Howells."

This is a new edition of the classic summary of the teachings and writings of the great Welsh preacher and missionary Rees Howells on the subject of Intercession. In the first two chapters the author, one of his colleagues, explains how she met Rees Howells, the effect he had on her spiritual guidance and how he himself met with God and came to understand the need for intercession.

In the remaining chapters the author introduces detailed notes that were taken at the time of Rees Howells' Bible readings and his commentary on them. These passages, often quoting Howells verbatim, provide an invaluable insight into his thinking. Because of this, Ruscoe's book remains one of the most important documents about Rees Howells currently available, including as it does a valuable collection of original material, and will appeal to a wide range of evangelicals.

The book contains a foreword by Norman Grubb, author of Rees Howells, Intercessor also published by The Lutterworth Press, and a preface by Rees Howells' son, Samuel Rees Howells, Director of the Bible College of Wales.

Foreword by Norman Grubb
Preface by Samuel Rees Howells

1. Reminiscences of Rees Howells 1933–1950
2. The War Years 1939–1945
3. Introduction to the Readings
4. Rees Howells and Intercession
5. The Village Years: Part One
6. The Village Years: Part Two
7. The Village Years: Part Three
8. Out from the Village
9. Great Intercessors of the Bible

Doris Ruscoe was a preacher in Derbyshire and was headmistress of the school for missionaries' children founded by Rees Howells. She trained at the Bible College of Wales in Swansea, also founded by Rees Howells. She is now retired.

This is a remarkable book. The Gospel Magazine
The Intercession of Rees Howells is a gem: it charts so strikingly the thinking of a spiritual giant The Harvester

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