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A Complete GCSE Course

By Geoffrey Shoesmith



A Complete GCSE Course

By Geoffrey Shoesmith

A new and complete psychology textbook for GCSE, built around a series of self-contained topics. Ideal both for class work and home study.

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Available as: Paperback

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ISBN: 9780718830021

Specifications: 242x166mm, 424pp

Published: July 2003


A major new GCSE textbook, providing a series of "lessons" in psychology. Each lesson is a self-contained, "bite-sized" explanation of a topic with frequent opportunities for readers to test their understanding by filling in short questionnaires at the end of each section. This also encourages them to asses how the topic may have relevance to their own lives and personal relationships, whilst helping them to apply their knowledge and reinforce the lesson. This causes them to interact with the text and so reach better understanding and retain the information. The book can be read from beginning to end like any other text or can be used in a structured way to simulate the experience of studying at college.

Who is it for?

  • Adults returning to study and aiming to obtain further qualifications.
  • 16–19 year olds re-taking GCSE psychology or taking it as an addition to A levels.
  • Adults studying GCSE psychology at an evening class in an FE college.
  • Anyone with an interest in psychology and who wants to know more about it.

Readers can study as individuals or in a group from home, school, college or work. If they aim to take the GCSE qualification they may already have a tutor in a class or they may obtain tuition from an organisation to which the book directs them. Class tutors could be expected to recommend the book as a course text and work through it with their students or use it in a self-study workshop.

  • A complete reference book for use whether studying for a qualification or not.
  • Can be used in a classroom or at home for self-study.
  • No other textbook is needed, regardless of which syllabus students follow.
  • Includes all syllabi that will be used throughout all UK examinations from 2003.
  • Covers both AQA and OCR specifications.

Geoffrey Shoesmith is a chartered psychologist with over 20 years' experience of teaching psychology from GCSE to degree level.