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Words of Christ:

Forty Meditations

By Frank Topping

Words of Christ

Words of Christ:

Forty Meditations

By Frank Topping

Meditations by the prominent broadcaster bringing new insight into how Jesus' teaching can aid daily life. Illustrated by Martin Smith.

Series: Frank Topping Series
Trade Information: LGEN
Available as: Paperback

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Print Paperback

ISBN: 9780718825638

Specifications: 197x126mm (7.76x4.96in), 128pp

Illustrations: b&w

Published: November 1987


Whether he is reflecting on the horrors of the bus queue, the heartache of loneliness or a rose in a bottle, Frank Topping succeeds in helping us all see what we so easily miss. The same is true when he turns to the words of Jesus.

"It seemed as if this had been written specially for me," That was the most frequently repeated phrase when listeners to Radio 2 wrote to the BBC asking for a copy of the script of Frank Topping's morning meditations on Pause for Thought. "What made me decide to broadcast them regularly," says Frank, "was the huge response from listeners – literally thousands."

In the Frank Topping series, the Lutterworth Press has published many of his most popular radio meditations. These collections of thoughts and prayers remain a pleasure to use and also a handy reference for those who want to find their favourite meditation.


1. Not by Bread Alone?
2. The Poor in Spirit
3. Those Who Mourn
4. The Meek
5. Righteousness
6. The Merciful
7. The Pure in Heart
8. The Peacemakers
9. Theirs is the Kingdom
10. Let the Light Shine
11. Love Your Enemies
12. Our Father
13. Our Daily Bread
14. Forgive Us
15. Testing
16. Trials
17. Treasure
18. Anxiety
19. Judging
20. Solid Rock
21. I Am Not Worthy
22. Why Are You Afraid?
23. Healing
24. Speaking Out
25. Real Life
26. Rest
27. Whited Sepulchres
28. Who Do You Say That I Am?
29. Like Children
30. Seventy Times Seven
31. The Resurrection of the Dead
32. The Great Commandment
33. The Least of These
34. Take, Eat
35. Before the Cock Crows
36. Take This Cup
37. The Spirit is Willing
38. Love is Crucified
39. To the End of the World
40. Peace

Index of Biblical References

Before being ordained to the Methodist ministry in 1970, Frank Topping worked in the theatre and television, both as a producer and a performer. He then worked for BBC Radio Bristol before moving to BBC London in 1974. He is known not only through his radio broadcasts but also because of his West End partnership with Donald Swan in 'Swann and Topping' and his television series 'Topping on Sunday'.

Meditations that will mirror your mind, unmask your motives and mediate you to a measure of peace and tranquility. Methodist Recorder
Lord of Life
Lord of Life
By Frank Topping
Lord of My Days
Lord of My Days
By Frank Topping
Lord of the Evening
Lord of the Evening
By Frank Topping
Lord of the Morning
Lord of the Morning
By Frank Topping
Wings of the Morning
Wings of the Morning
By Frank Topping
Working at Prayer
Working at Prayer
By Frank Topping

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