Clocks: A Guide for Owners

By Eric Smith

A comprehensive guide to clocks, old and new, full of helpful advice including how they work, how to identify different types, and how to maintain them.

ISBN: 9780718828806


In this concise and useful volume, Eric Smith addresses the major problems and concerns of clock owners, who may not have the benefit of expert knowledge. Here he explains the workings of mechanical clocks as well as the processes needed to care for, maintain, overhaul them.

Helpful advice is given on where to go for expert assessment, valuation, buying and selling, and insurance of antique or purely decorative clocks. A comprehensive glossary sets out technical terms, while an extensive section on different types of clock will aid identification, enabling the clock owner to understand and participate in the care of their clock.

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Dimensions 216 × 133 mm
Pages 112
Illustrations b&w

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About the Author

Eric Smith is renowned for his clarity of explanation within the field of horology in which he possesses a profound depth of knowledge.



1. Types of Clock (1)
Mechanism, silent and sounding – Weights and mainsprings – Driving lines

2. Types of Clock (2)
Style and appearance, an alphabetical guide

3. Time-keeping and Time-showing
The Escapement – The Train – Regulation – Time-showing, hands and dials – Time setting

4. Striking and Chiming
The Countwheel System – The Rack System and Repeating – Chiming Systems – Quality of Sound – Strike/Silent arrangements

5. Setting up and Caring for Clocks
Setting in beat – Setting up Weight-driven clocks – Cleaning and Oiling – Clock cases – Duration of running – Cost of repairs

6. Restoration, Valuation and Insurance, Selling

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