Some of our books are published as part of a series of titles. Some of these are linked topically or thematically, other represent multiple works by a particular author. Click on the title to see all books available in that series.

Antique Pocket Guides

The Antique Pocket Guides series is a handy resource for the collector of small antiques. Each title in the series covers a particular antique object and is written by an expert in his or her chosen subject. They include a wealth of practical advice for novice collectors, guidance on prices and extensive illustrations to help with identification.

Century of ... Series

The Century of ... series reviews and summarises the key developments in various branches of religious studies over the period from the 1870s to the 1970s, a time during which significant advances were made in many of these disciplines. Each title is written by an expert in the field.

Cities of the Biblical World

Cities of the Biblical World presents recent developments in the archaeology of the lands of the Bible. The series includes general overviews and titles focusing on specific sites.

Frank Topping Series

Reflections, prayers and meditations from Frank Topping's Pause for Thought, as broadcast on Radio 2, drawing on his experiences as a Methodist minister, actor, songwriter, salor and broadcaster.

Living Faiths

Aimed at students and teachers of Religious Education, the Living Faiths series promotes a comprehensive inter-faith understanding by outlining the diverse attitudes and ceremonies found in different faiths. The series springs from the work of the Standing Conference on Inter-Faith Dialogue in Education, of which the series editor was former Publications Secretary.

New Covenant Commentary Series

The New Covenant Commentary Series (NCCS) is designed for ministers and students who require a commentary that interacts with the text and context of each New Testament book and pays specific attention to the impact of the text upon the faith and praxis of contemporary faith communities.

Roland Allen Library

The Roland Allen Library brings together the key writings of the Anglican missionary Roland Allen (1868-1947). An early advocate of the empowerment of self-governing indigenous churches, his work was recognised as prophetic even in his own lifetime, and has taken on a new significance in the third Christian millennium.

Slow Looking

Creating art, and the art of looking at art, takes a long time to perfect, but life is short. Robert Cumming shows that patience in mastering such a skill can lead to unexpected and huge rewards.

Thielicke Library

The Thielicke Library collects some of the most popular writings of Helmut Thielicke (1908-86), the German Lutheran theologian and preacher. The series includes many of his collections of sermons, as well as works on ethics and preaching, and his autobiography Notes From a Wayfarer.