Clocks and Clock Repairing

By Eric Smith

A introductory guide to repairing any clock – mechanical or electric, modern or antique.

ISBN: 9780718891671


For all those who are interested in horology, whether as a hobby or within the trade, this user-friendly guide is invaluable as a wealth of information for the internal workings of clocks.

Eric Smith provides a fully comprehensive manual to the repair of clocks, whether modern or antique. Lucid language accompanies practical diagrams and photographs to bring clarity to what is often a highly complex task. The author recognises the curiosity which many feel about the workings of clocks. It is for this reason that the author has written a guide which does not depict horology as too complex for those outside the trade, but rather as a fascinating and accessible occupation.

The ten chapters go through the practical stages of how different clocks work and the tools and materials needed. Pendulum clocks, 30-hour, 8-day and 400-day clocks, chiming, striking, electric and alarm clocks are all covered in detail. This new revised edition includes a chapter on working with more advanced tools including the lathe.

The first chapter addresses the tools and materials which are required for repair, whilst the second chapter provides an explanation of the principles of clock mechanisms. The author subsequently takes the reader through specific aspects of clocks in each chapter, from the pendulums and balance wheels to cases and hands. A chapter on electric clocks gives advice on a significant sector of the clock market. In addition, this volume includes a glossary of terms, a bibliography and a list of suppliers of materials. It is also fully indexed.

The author recognises that there is much in horology which cannot be self-taught from a book, yet Clocks and Clock Repairing is both a book to stimulate interest and a handy reference guide.

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Dimensions 216 × 140 mm
Pages 212
Illustrations b&w

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About the Author

Eric Smith is renowned for his clarity of explanation within the field of horology in which he possesses a profound depth of knowledge.



1. Tools and materials
2. How clocks work
3. Pendulums, balance wheels and escapements
4. Striking, chiming and alarm systems
5. Electric clocks
6. Cases, dials and hands
7. Dismantling and cleaning
8. Repairs and adjustements
9. Assembly
10. Branching out

Glossary of terms
List of suppliers