Collecting Paper Money

By Colin Narbeth and Simon Narbeth

An illustrated guide to collecting banknotes, providing expert advice and collecting tips for new and established collectors alike.

ISBN: 9780718892234


An engaging introduction to the attractions of collecting paper money, which in the last decade has become one of the major hobbies.

For those attracted to the artistic side of the hobby, a collection of banknotes can form a miniature art gallery featuring the talents of the best artists and engravers in the world. For those interested in research, the field is wide open and new discoveries are being made all the time. From its beginnings in China, when the “mulberry bark flying money” was created to avoid transporting heavy coinage, paper money has provided a window onto the history of the world. War, inflation and forgery have provided fertile breeding grounds for a huge variety of paper notes, often hand signed by famous men like General Gordon of Khartoum or printed by influential figures like Benjamin Franklin. Paper notes have also proved highly valuable in helping to document historical events.

Although some banknotes are very expensive to collect – over a million pounds has been paid for a single note – there are still thousands of attractive notes from all over the world available for 1-2 pounds or even less, putting them well within the reach of the ordinary collector. Extensively illustrated and full of expert tips for collecting, this book reveals the secrets of the banknote world and the little-known histories of particular notes, making it a must have for every new and established collector.

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Dimensions 234 × 156 mm
Pages 204
Illustrations b&w

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About the Author

Colin Narbeth founded the International Banknote Society in 1961. He has written fifteen books and numerous articles on collecting subjects including stamps, coins and medals as well as paper money.

Simon Narbeth is an active committee member of the London Chapter of the International Bank Note Society and lectures on paper money of the world.

Colin and his son Simon have a family business in London, specialising in paper money collecting, of which Simon Narbeth is the Managing Director.



1. The Development of Paper Money
2. Forming a Collection
3. Condition, Grading, and Specimens
4. Bank of England – Early History
5. Collecting Bank of England Notes
6. Treasury Notes
7. Provincial Banks
8. Scotland and the Channel Islands, Wales, Ireland and the Isle of Man
9. Early U.S. Paper Money
10. U.S. Paper Money after Independence
11. The Confederate States
12. Banknotes at War
13. World War II
14. Inflation
15. Strange Stories of Banknotes

Appendix 1: Chief Cashiers of the Bank of England
Appendix 2: Signatures on Early American Notes
Appendix 3: Muslim Dating

List of Illustrations