New Light on Therapeutic Energies

By Mark L. Gallert

A remarkable book demonstrating how to use natural energies for the effective healing of many ailments.

ISBN: 9780718890087


This book demonstrates how to use “nature’s finer forces” for the effective healing of many ailments. The wisdom and experience of many pioneers in the healing arts is presented in this volume in simplified and practical form. Theory, equipment and instructions for use in practice are all included for most of the methods presented. The methods recommended are all completely constructive, the effects are beneficial only – no risk or harm – as the energies involved are gentle and natural.

This book will be of interest to laymen and doctors alike. It covers a fascinating range of methods, each of which has proven highly successful in practice. Topics covered include: Natural Energies from the Earth and Sun, from Visible or Invisible Light, the Atmosphere, Elemental and Chemical Energies, and from Artificial Contrivances, and deals with such treatments as Homeopathy and Orgone Treatment.

The book includes contributions by George Starr White, George Wilson, Samuel Hahnemann and his successors, and Wilhelm Reich.

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Hardback, Paperback

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1. Natural Energies from Earth and Sun
     Cosmo-Electric Culture / Dr George Starr White MD
2. Energies of Selected Frequencies of Visible Light
     Chromo-Therapy / Dinshah Ghadiali
3. Energies Below the Visible Light Spectrum
     Ultra-Red Therapy / Dr George Starr White MD
4. Invisible Ultra-Violet Life Frequencies Made Visible
     Royal Raymond Rife
5. Energies Concentrated from the Atmosphere
     Orgone / Dr Wilhelm Reich MD
6. Vibratory Essenses of Elemental and Chemical Energies
     (i) Classical Homoeopathy / Hahnemann and Successors
     (ii) The 12 Tissue Salts / Dr William Schussler MD
     (iii) Vitalized Tissue Salts / Dr Chas W. Littlefield MD
     (iv) Homoeopathic Biochemistry
7. Electrical Life Energy from Foods
     Dr George A. Wilson
8. The Use of Energies Radiated from Living Organisms
     L.E. Eeman
9. Facilitation of the Flow of Neuro-Electric Life Energies in the Body
     (1) Chiropractic
     (2) Bio-Dynamics, the New Chiropractic / Dr George A. Wilson
10. Some Energies Generated by Artificial Contrivances
     (1) Negative Galvinism / Dr W.E. Keesey MD
     (2) Short-Wave Use in Endogenous Endocrinopathy / Dr Jules Samuels MD
     (3) Multi-Wave Oscillation
       (a) Electro-Static / George Lakhovsky
       (a) Magnetic Arc / S.S. Knight