Sundar Singh

By A.J. Appasamy

A classic account of the life and teaching of Sundar Singh, the high-caste Sikh who converted to Christianity.

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Appasamy’s biography of Sundar Singh, a high-caste Sikh who became a Christian, is a classic account of his life and teaching. For many years before his disappearance in Tibet, the Sadhu had moved in and out of that forbidden land on his evangelistic journeys, persecuted, imprisoned and assaulted.

He become famous throughout India, Europe and America for his saintly character, his mystical vision and his zeal for the Christian faith. He entered the forbidden land of Nepal, was seized, stripped and his body covered with leeches, but he endured his torture with singing. His forty days in the Indian forest during which he lost his sight and speech, his long journeys on foot, his Himalayan mountain adventures, his ceaseless witness to the Christian faith are all related in this definitive biography by his friend Appasamy. “His tall, well-built figure,” says Appasamy, “clad in orange robe with a scarf of the same colour thrown across his shoulders, made people think of what Jesus may have looked like when He was on this earth.”

Here is the story of a great disciple who endured hardship, fought a good fight and then moved into the silence of Tibet.

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About the Author

Dr. Appasamy was Bishop of Coimbatore, South India.



1. The Early Years
2. The Young Sadhu
3. In Tibet
4. The Fast
5. In the Himalayas
6. The Maharishi
7. In Western India
8. South India and Ceylon
9. The Far East and Tibet Again
10. Visit to England
11. America and Australia
12. Man of Prayer
13. In Switzerland
14. Germany, Scandinavia and Holland
15. Life at Subathu
16. Visions of the Spiritual World
17. The Last Years

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