American Dreamer: Bucky Fuller and the Sacred Geometry of Nature

By Scott Eastham

A sympathetic and insightful study of the legacy of the scientist Buckminster Fuller, with particular emphasis on his synergetic approach to geometry.

ISBN: 9780718830311


Synergetics can be defined as the exploratory strategy of starting with the whole. It was in the 1940s that Buckminster Fuller developed a series of spherical models which embodied the synergetic theory within geometry. This study of Fuller’s sacred geometry describes with vigour and in detail how his spherical figures relate both to Nature and to the tenets of synergetics.

The author assesses the legacy of Fuller, a scientist-artist-engineer extraordinaire whose visions were inspired by the American Dream, and portrays with enthusiasm and sympathy the creative and individual science of a man whose character was as multifaceted as the domes he created.

Discover the theory behind the idea that the straight lines and boxes of science and maths are inadequate for representing Nature’s spherical and cyclical patterns of growth. The ways in which Fuller’s synergetics can be seen in the ancient iconographies of the past are also revealed with fresh insight. In addition, Eastham looks to the future artistic applications of Fuller’s ‘wholes’, with the aim of inspiring the reader to think outside of the box themselves.

We sought for years to bring out a brief alternative geometry textbook. … It’s not easy to produce a round thing in a square world …”
From the Introduction

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About the Author

Dr. Scott Eastham is currently Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at Massey University, New Zealand, and teaches from a humanistic point of view. He always attempts to approach issues of meaning and value from a cross-cultural angle. He represents the interdisciplinary approach of media studies.


Introduction: An Imaginary Symposium

I. Archaeology of a Vision
  Yankee Ingenuity
  American Dreamers
  The Original Vision
  The Way Things Are
  Synergy & Entropy

II. Refractions
  Dwelling Machine
  Ambivalent Centennial

III. Reflections
  Anima Mundi
    Deep South
    Due East
    True North
    Way Out West

  Connections – Real & Unreal
  A Lower Deep

Appendix A: Unfolding WHOLES: A Synergetics Primer
Appendix B: The Root DHR and Its Branches
Appendix C: Palimpsest