C.T. Studd: Cricketer and Pioneer

By Norman Grubb

The biography of one of the greatest cricketers of his time, who became a missionary and founded the Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade.

ISBN: 9780718895570


C.T.’s life stands as some rugged Gibraltar – a sign to all succeeding generations that it is worthwhile to lose all this world can offer and stake everything on the world to come. His life will be an eternal rebuke to easy-going Christianity. He has demonstrated what it means to follow Christ without counting the cost and without looking back.
From the Foreword by Alfred B. Buxton, C.T. Studd’s co-pioneer in the heart of Africa

Nurtured in the lap of comfort, educated at Eton and Cambridge, the hero of the British sport-loving public, C.T. Studd, whose Cambridge career has been described as “one long blaze of cricketing glory”, created a stir in the secular world of his youth by renouncing wealth and position to follow Christ. He was captain of the Eton XI in 1879, and of Cambridge University in 1883, being accorded in the latter year (vide The Cricketing Annual) “the premier position as an all-round cricketer for the second year in succession”.

The illness of a brother brought him face to face with realities and the transitoriness of worldly riches and fame. He obeyed the divine command, “Go thy way, sell that thou hast and give to the poor … take up thy cross and follow me”, throwing himself into the work which had called him with the same thoroughness and earnestness with which he had learned to “play a straight bat”. Henceforward his life was dedicated to the service of God and his fellow men, first becoming a missionary in China, as the leader of the ‘Cambridge Seven’. After spending fifteen years in China and six in India, he devoted the rest of his life to spreading the Gospel message in Africa, founding the Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade. His name remains particularly linked with the evangelisation of the Congo Basin.

Norman Grubb, Studd’s own son-in-law, has written an exciting description of the life that he led, showing the enormous impact that he had on his contemporaries. Translated into over 40 languages, C.T. Studd: Cricketer and Pioneer remains a best-selling biography of a great Christian, an epic of faith and courage against great odds that will be an inspiration to all who rejoice in a tale of high endeavour.

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About the Author

Norman Grubb fought in the First World War and was educated at Cambridge, where he was instrumental in the founding of the Inter-Varsity Fellowship of Evangelical Unions. After graduating, he and his wife served as missionaries in the Belgian Congo, with the World Evangelical Crusade. He played a leading role in setting up the Christian Literature Crusade. In later life, he lived in America, where he was a pivotal member of the WEC.


Foreword by Alfred B. Buxton
Author’s Preface

1. A Visit to a Theatre and Its Consequences
2. Three Etonians Get a Shock
3. An All-England Cricketer
4. The Crisis
5. A Revival Breaks Out Among Students
6. C.T. Becomes a Chinaman
7. He Gives Away a Fortune
8. An Irish Girl and a Dream
9. United to Fight for Jesus
10. Perils and Hardships in Inland China
11. On the American Campus
12. Six Years in India
13. A Man’s Man
14. The Greatest Venture of All
15. Through Cannibal Tribes
16. The Very Heart of Africa
17. C.T. Amongst the Natives
18. Forward Ever, Backward Never!
19. The God of Wonders
20. When the Holy Ghost Came
21. Bwana’s House and Daily Life
22. Hallelujah!
23. God Enabling Us, We Go On!