A Century of Biblical Archaeology

By Roger Moorey

A systematic survey of the relationship between archaeology and biblical studies in the 20th century, combining readability with scholarship.

ISBN: 9780718828257


Part of the Century series – each book reviews and summarises the key developments in a particular branch of religious studies during the past century.

Combining readability and scholarship, this book provides a systematic survey of the relationship between archaeology and Biblical studies in Palestine from the first excavations at Tell el-Hesi in 1890 to 1990.

This panoramic overview of the methods and theories that have served to illuminate the archaeology of the Holy Land is set in context by an introductory chapter which covers the earlier pioneering years before Pitt Rivers and Petrie. Roger Moorey examines in details the collaborations and conflicts between archaeologists with differing views as to the purpose of biblical archaeology, and focuses also on the effects of contemporary political and historical events on excavations.

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About the Author

Roger Moorey is Keeper of Antiquities at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, and President of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem.


Chronological Table

1. The Birth of Biblical Archaeology (1800-1890)
2. Excavations and Texts: Early Confrontations (1890-1925)
3. The Golden Age of Biblical Archaeology (1925-1928)
4. New Nations: New Methods (1948-1958)
5. The Passing of the Old Order: Towards an Identity Crisis (1958-1974)
6. The Growing Impact of the Natural and Social Sciences (1974-1990)

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