By John Prickett (editor)

A useful resource for teachers to discuss the approaches of the major world religions to death and dying.

ISBN: 9780718830861


Aimed at students and teachers of World Religions, this study analyses the concept of death and how the different religions treat and confront this unavoidable natural event. It produces accurate and broad information for the use of teachers and students of World Faiths, providing an insight into the faith and practise of their neighbours and a greater understanding of how it feels to belong to a culture different from their own.

An introductory chapter by Geoffrey Parrinder explains the importance of the subject of death in all religions and offers a classification of faiths attending to its treatment. Consecutives chapters explain each one of the faiths treated and a final postscript by the editor remarks how important is to prepare our children for living as well as for dying.

‘Living Faiths’ is a series on Rites of Passage in the major religions of the world, covering Marriage and the Family, Initiation Rites and Death. Together these provide a fascinating exercise in tolerance and understanding.

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John Prickett was a headmaster and Secretary of the Education Department of the British Council of Churches. He was also Publications Secretary of the Standing Conference of Inter-Faith Dialogue in Education.


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Foreword by John Prickett

Part 1: Death in the World Faiths
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Children Understanding Death

Part 2: Statements and Extracts
2.1. Baha’i Faith
2.2. Buddhism
2.3. Christianity
     The Catholic Tradition
     The Protestant Tradition
     The Eastern Orthodox Tradition
2.4. Hinduism
2.5. Humanism
2.6. Islam
2.7. Judaism
2.8. Sikhism

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A godsend in R.E. departments, but I hope that it will penetrate churches also.
Church Times