From the Dust

By F. Kefa Sempangi and Jennifer Melvin

The moving and inspiring story of one man’s crusade to rescue the street children of Uganda from violence, destitution and hopelessness.

ISBN: 9780718891978


‘She was dirty and dusty. Her curly hair had seen neither a comb nor water for months. In one hand she carried a package of cigarettes and in the other a solvent rag.’ Young Namusisi had no home, no family, no money for school fees, and no one to love her or care for her. She survived in the culture of the buyaye on the streets, parking lots, and porches of the city of Kampala, Uganda.

But one day she met Daddy Kefa and her life was changed. He took her to his children’s home where she was provided for and was shown the love of Christ. Namusisi was just one of more than 6,000 Ugandan street children who were rescued from a meaningless and hopeless life by the efforts of a compassionate, selfless, and godly man.

The book contains the poignant stories of many of those destitute children – stories of how they came to live on the streets and of how their lives were changed. Here are stories of a people ravaged by a demonic dictator, a people who had lost all sense of humanity and were struggling under emotional, physical, and spiritual poverty.

From the Dust tells how the efforts of one man made a difference to so many who were groping in a dark world of sin and hopelessness. It is the story of the love of God to the lost and dying, and of how that love made a difference to so many Africans and can still make a difference to those who will trust in him.

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Dimensions 229 × 153 mm
Pages 124

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About the Author

Kefa Sempangi is a former minister and parliamentarian in the Ugandan government, the founder of Africa Foundation, former chairman of the National Council for Children in Uganda, and pioneer and founder of the Presbyterian Church in Uganda.

Jennifer Melvin has taught for thirty years in Christian schools and is presently teaching middle and high school English at Covenant Christian School in Panama City, Florida.


1. The Moshi Spirit
2. The Homecoming
3. Nakafero
4. Rohana Club
5. Nakafero’s Death and Legacy
6. Namusisi
7. The Dust House
8. Habitat for Humanity
9. The Karamojong
10. The Farm Projects
11. Akurun Akalam (Unearthing the Pen)
12. The Shoe Box
13. The Slums
14. The Beggars
15. From the Dust
16. Forgiveness from the Heart
17. The Night Commuters
18. The Fishing Nets
19. The Mustard Seed


Endorsements and Reviews

From the first page it is heart churning. The book is only 111 pages, but each one is full of faith. This is truly an inspiring book.
Borneo Chronicle

This is a wonderful book – challenging and moving. In these pages there are some descriptions of human depravity which are hard to believe, but there are also amazing stories of the triumphs of God’s grace in the lives of people.
The Treasury