Guide to Old Testament Prophecy

By Harry Mowvley

An introduction to the basic principles of prophecy in the Old Testament, the background against which the prophets worked and their underlying ideals.

ISBN: 9780718891381


An introduction to Old Testament prophecy offering an understanding of its basic principles, the background against which the prophets worked and the underlying ideal they took for granted.

Mowvley explains the significance of the Word, the place of symbolic action and the meaning of such prophetic ideas as holiness and righteousness. The relationships between priest and prophet and between prophetic utterance and Wisdom literature are also brought out, so as to provide one of the best guides available to contemporary Biblical scholarship on prophecy and the prophets in the Old Testament.

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About the Author

Harry Mowvley trained for the Baptist ministry at Bristol Baptist College and Regent’s Park College, Oxford. After serving as pastor in several congregations, he taught at Bristol Baptist College, where he became Vice-Principal. He was also Special Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies at the University of Bristol.

He is also the author of: The Psalms: Introduced and Newly Translated for Today’s Readers (1989), The Books of Amos and Hosea (1991) and 1 and 2 Samuel (1998).


I. Prophetic Call and Inspiration
1. Prophecy in Israel and the Ancient Near East
2. The Lord’s Spokemen in Early Israel
3. Called to be a Prophet
4. The Hand, Spirit and Word of Yahweh
5. Prophetic Action and Popular Reaction

II. Proclamation and Preservation of the Word
6. Times and Places for Speaking
7. Shaping the Message
8. Interpreting the Traditions
9. The Fate of the Prophets’ Words
10. From Spoken Word to Written Book

III. The Prophets and Their Religious Contemporaries
11. Criticism and Condemnation of Worship
12. Prophets Among the Temple Staff
13. Prophets and Wise Men
14. Towards Apocalyptic

IV. Prophetic Teaching
15. God’s Holiness and Man’s
16. Righteousness and Sin
17. Judgement, Wrath and Punishment
18. Repentance, Faith and Forgiveness
19. Hopes for the Future