Introducing Christian Theologies: Voices from Global Christian Communities (Volume 1)

By Victor I. Ezigbo

Volume I of a textbook that broadens the study of Christian theology in the West by opening it up to the contributions of the theologians of the Third World.

ISBN: 9780718894429


Should Christianity’s theological face remain largely European and North American in the twenty-first century in the wake of the expansion of Christianity in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America? The question about the “theological face” of Christianity cannot be ignored. For too long African, Asian, and Latin American theologians have been left out of mainstream theological discussions. Few standard textbooks on Christian theology acknowledge the contributions that theologians from these continents have made to global Christianity.

Introducing Christian Theologies: Voices from Global Christian Communities is a two-volume textbook that alters the predominantly European and North American”theological face” of Christianity by interacting with the voices of Christian communities from around the globe. Introducing Christian Theologies explores the works of key theologians from across the globe, highlighting their unique perspectives on Christian theology and doctrine.

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About the Author

Victor I. Ezigbo is Associate Professor of Contextual and Systematic Theology at Bethel University in St Paul, Minnesota. He is the author of Re-Imagining African Christologies (2010).


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1. Preliminary Issues in Christian Theology
2. God’s Revelation
3. Christian Scripture
4. Trinity: The Christian God
5. Jesus Christ
6. Holy Spirit
7. Divine Providence



Endorsements and Reviews

The author, a budding African theologian, brings fresh, robust insights into Christian theology, prioritising the voices of non-Western theologies in tandem with mainstream theologies, thus bringing them into the global academic limelight. One merit of Introducing Christian Theologies is its pedagogical value and the all-embracing themes and topics. This is a must-read to all those interested in grasping the breadth and richness of the ‘theological face’ of global Christianity in the twenty-first century.
Afe Adogame, University of Edinburgh

Applying the best of contemporary methodology, this introduction to Christian theology from a global and ecumenical perspective equips learners to engage a wide variety of perspectives on the major Christian doctrines. Drawing on original historical sources, Victor Ezigbo provides a truly global perspective on key Christian teachings that has been missing in earlier English-language, introductory theological texts.
Heather Clements, Azusa Pacific University, California

I am confident that readers of these volumes would certainly gain a deeper insight into the origin and growth of the fundamental aspects of christianity and their manifestations.
Daniel Jeyaraj, in Theological Book Review, Vol 28, No 1