Israel’s Messiah and the People of God: A Vision for Messianic Jewish Covenant Fidelity

By Mark S. Kinzer

A collection of writings by the Messianic Jewish theologian Mark Kinzer, introducing the reader to the range and complexities of his thought.

ISBN: 9780718892609


Israel’s Messiah and the People of God presents a rich and diverse selection of essays by theologian Mark Kinzer, whose work constitutes a pioneering step in Messianic Jewish theology. Including several pieces never before published, this collection illuminates Kinzer’s thought on topics such as Oral Torah, Jewish prayer, eschatology, soteriology, and Messianic Jewish-Catholic dialogue. This volume offers the reader numerous portals into the vision of Messianic Judaism offered in Kinzer’s Postmissionary Messianic Judaism (2005). An introductory essay by editor Jennifer M. Rosner sets Kinzer’s thought and writings in context.

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About the Author

Mark S. Kinzer is President Emeritus of Messianic Jewish Theological Institute, and the author of Postmissionary Messianic Judaism (2005).

Jennifer M. Rosner is a doctoral candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary.


Introduction to the Thought and Theology of Mark Kinzer

Part I: Vision for Messianic Judaism
1. The Messianic Fulfillment of the Jewish Faith
2. Toward a Theology of “Messianic Judaism”

Part II: Judaism from a Messianic Perspective
3. Messianic Judaism and Jewish Tradition in the Twenty-First Century: A Biblical Defense of Oral Torah
4. Prayer in Yeshua, Prayer in Israel: The Shema in Messianic Perspective

Part III Yeshua-faith from a Jewish Perspective
5. Beginning with the End: The Place of Eschatology in the Messianic Jewish Canonical Narrative
6. Final Destinies: Qualifications for Receiving an Eschatological Inheritance
7. Lumen Gentium, Through Messianic Jewish Eyes
Epilogue: Postmissionary Messianic Judaism, Three Years Later: Reflections on a Conversation Just Begun

General Bibliography
Chronological Bibliography of Material Related to Postmissionary Messianic Judaism
Scripture Index
Subject/Name Index


Endorsements and Reviews

Mark Kinzer is a ‘break-through’ thinker who has taken Messianic Judaism to a new level of theological sophistication. No one who cares deeply about the relationship between Judaism and Christianity can afford to ignore these essays.
Richard J. Mouw, President of Fuller Theological Seminary

This book is a welcome successor to Mark Kinzer’s 2005 groundbreaking work, Postmissionary Messianic Judaism … It is the kind of theological inquiry that both the Jewish Roots movement and the Messianic Jewish movement are so greatly in need of. Jennifer Rosner’s collaboration in this project is a promising sign that a new generation of Messianic Jewish scholars may be ready to accept the challenge.
Isaac Rottenberg, First Chairperson of the National Council of Churches Office on Christian-Jewish Relations

This is a significant book. Although it is a collection of articles and addresses, it has a far greater coherence than such collections normally possess. This coherence flows directly from the coherence of Mark Kinzer’s life-project – to develop a form of Messianic Judaism that is authentically Jewish, and at the same time truly Messianic in the sense of fully recognizing the centrality of Jesus in God’s purpose for Israel and for the world.
Monsignor Peter Hocken, Member of International Doctrinal Commission for Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Whether one welcomes the Messianic Jewish movement wholeheartedly, with reservations, or not at all, the increasing importance of its voice in contemporary theological discussion is certain. This collection of essays by Mark Kinzer demonstrates again why the issues raised by Messianic Judaism are so fundamental in nature, and why Kinzer himself is widely regarded as the movement’s foremost theologian.
R. Kendall Soulen, Professor of Systematic Theology, Wesley Theological Seminary

In this book, Kinzer offers an interpretation of Salvation History that brings together the people of Israel, the person of Yeshua and the Yeshua-believing community, and opens a different perspective for understanding God’s redemptive work within the world.
Benjamin Burry, in Reviews in Religion & Theology, Vol 20, Issue 4

This work is to be commended … for its enterprise of developing themes specifically significant to the Messianic Jewish movement and its relationship to Judaism and Christianity.
Josh Scott, in Theological Book Review, Vol 25, No 1

Mark Kinzer … shows how Judaism and Christianity cannot be seen as separate faiths but are inextricably part of a whole.
Church Times, 23 May 2014