King Saul: The True History of the First Messiah

By Adam Green

A re-examination of the First Book of Samuel and its treatment of Saul, shedding new and unexpected light on the character of the first King of Israel.

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Spurred on by a childhood fascination with the Tanakh, which brought to his attention the discrepancy between the English rendering of Samuel 21:19 and the original Hebrew, Adam Green builds upon recent research to show that later authors revised 1 Samuel with the specific intention of defaming Saul. In the process, these revisionist authors glorified the character of David, significantly distorting the true nature of events.

Green systematically works through the Biblical text, highlighting its illogical chronology, and drawing attention to apocryphal incidents, before reconstructing a more plausible sequence for the story. a fresh analysis of a maligned figure and a comprehensive guide to the First Book of Samuel, Green’s interpretation returns Saul to his rightful place as the one genuine Messiah.

  • A thorough re-examination of the First Book of Samuel and its treatment of Saul
  • A systematic study of events and characters of the Old Testament

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About the Author

Adam Green is an artist and illustrator trained at St. Martins School of Art. In addition to regular exhibits both abroad and in the U.K., he has contributed to the Jewish Chronicle, The Jews’ College Magazine, and the Jewish Chronicle Colour Supplement.

Green lived in Israel for eight months in 1970. In 1993, he moved to southern Spain where he continues to paint and illustrate, as well as making moscatel wine.


Illustrations and Maps
Key to Abbreviations
Dramatis Personae

1. Samuel: The Final Days of the Israelite Theocracy
2. Saul: The Prince of Israel
3. Saul: ‘The Hand of the Lord’
4. King Saul: A Nation is Born
5. King Saul the Saviour: The United Monarchy
6. David: The Terrible Price of Unity
7. David: ‘Enemy of the State’
8. David: The ‘Servant’ of the Philistines
9. ‘How’ the Mighty Fell: The Death of Saul
10. ‘To the Victor . . .’: King David

List of Conclusions
Timelines: Comparative Orthodox and Revised Chronology
The Hypothetical Book of Saul

A. Who Wrote Samuel?
B. Psalms of David?
C. Heterodoxy v. Orthodoxy
D. Methodology



Endorsements and Reviews

There are several features of this book that will lead Saul enthusiasts to want to add it to their library. Green has certainly made a fresh analysis of Saul in his book.
Ralph K. Hawkins, in RBL

Green extends the work of Baruch Halpern and Simcha Shalom Brooks to give us our most intelligent and best written revisionary history of the relationship between Saul and David to date … Green builds a powerful case for an Othello-and-Iago relationship … Green masterfully exposes the evolving political realities of the Near East.
Patrick Madigan, in Heythrop Journal, Vol 53:2

… a brave and unflinching look at an established tradition it provides plenty of food for thought.
D.W. Rooke, in Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, Vol 32