The Letter to the Romans

By Emil Brunner

Brunner’s commentary on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, concentrating on the fundamental theological arguments.

ISBN: 9780718890483


Brunner sees St Paul’s Epistle to the Romans as ‘the chapter of destiny of the Christian Church’. Here, in Luther’s words, is the ‘purest gospel’ upon which the very existence of the Christian faith depends and from which it draws its life.

Concentrated, decisive and instructive, nothing within the New Testament is more closely argued both theological and personal. Out of his years of scholarly wisdom Brunner meditates on the great Epistle, and in his commentary elucidates the massive Pauline arguments which are the bed rock of Christian belief and Christian proclamation.

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About the Author

Dr Emil Brunner was made Privatdozent at the University of Zurich at the age of 33, and later was appointed Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology. In 1953 he became Professor of Christian University, Tokyo (Japan) and in 1955 returned to Zurich.

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Translation and Exposition of the Letter:

Part One: The Righteousness of God Through Faith in Jesus Christ (Chapters 1-8)
A. All Mankind’s Need of Redemption
B. The Redemption Through Jesus Christ

Part Two: The Righteousness of God in His Ruling From History (9:1-11:36)

Part Three: The Life of the Christian (12:1-16:16)

Appendix: Some Leading Ideas in the Teaching of the Apostle Paul
Spirit and Flesh
The Righteousness of God
The Law and the Works of the Law
Jesus Christ
The Church, the Community
Predestination, Election
The Judgement of the Sinner
The Wrath of God and Reconciliation